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70 Shades of Chocolate: A Review of Cacao 70

My love of Montreal food just continues to grow as I discover more and more delicious places to eat! For those of you with a sweet tooth like mine, here’s one you absolutely must try. I can guarantee you will have no regrets, other than being too full.
Cacao 70 has a lovely ambiance and the restaurant itself is a well designed space. It is my new favourite place and guess what… it’s in the McGill ghetto! That’s right collegiettes, it’s so close and in such a central location. Why not stop by after class one day? (Tempting, I know).
Other than Juliette et Chocolat, I have never seen a more perfect menu for dessert lovers. The options range from waffles, to dessert pizzas, to chocolate fondue! You name it, they have it. If you’re going in a large group and there are some who prefer savoury foods, don’t worry because they also have a brunch and smoothie menu!
I went with my roommates there for brunch and here are some of the amazing things we tried:
1. Banana, Strawberry, and Nutella Crepe
Although a classic choice, I definitely chose well. The crepe was absolutely massive, but it didn’t feel too heavy (however I did end up taking some home). The perfect combination of banana, strawberries and Nutella allowed the fruit to help balance out the sweetness of the Nutella. 
2. Choconut Waffle
This dessert comes with a choice of a denser waffle or fluffier waffle, toffee bananas, fresh strawberries, ground nuts, vanilla ice-cream, melted chocolate, and whipped cream. The combination of hot chocolate sauce and cold ice-cream accompanied by the crunchy nuts and dense waffle created the collaboration of amazing rich tastes and textures. 
3. Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza 
The smooth marshmallows and the chocolate fuse together perfectly, contrasting with the crunchiness of the base. You have to try something this decadent at least once in your lifetime (my advice is to try it at Cacao 70!)
4. Classic Chocolate Fondue 
The chocolate was pure perfection. With a classic dessert like this fondue, there is no way to describe the taste of fruit and marshmallows coated in warm, melted chocolate without trying the heavenly combination yourself. 
Cacao 70 is the perfectly place for a birthday, hungover brunch or for an after dinner dessert (it’s open until 12pm). Be sure to try it out but be careful because you’ll most likely want to return.
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