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5 Winter Items for Your Montreal Bucket List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

Braving the Montreal winter, with its frigid temperatures and icy road conditions, is undeniably an essential part of the total “McGill experience.” During your time at McGill and in Montreal, surviving the winters can sometimes be rough, but we’re lucky that Montreal offers a plethora of fun winter activities to partake in. Here are just a few things to check off of your McGill/Montreal bucket list this winter:


1. Midnight Poutine RunOnce temperatures dip near thirty below zero (or just below zero in general) and you can barely feel your nose after spending a few minutes outside, there is nothing better than a hot meal to warm you up. What better hot meal to enjoy than Montreal’s famous poutine? Even if you’ve had poutine before, eating poutine is infinitely better during the winter. With poutine restaurants all over Montreal offering 24-hour services, a midnight poutine run is not only a convenient but also a necessary experience to complete your time at McGill.


2. Hot Cocoa at Cacao 70 or Juliette et ChocolatSome days, after enduring a long day of classes and the bitter cold, nothing sounds better than an evening with some hot chocolate and friends. While you can find hot chocolate almost anywhere, it is definitely worth the experience to taste the chocolaty creations that Cacao 70 and Juliette et Chocolat specialize in. Whether you like milk, dark, or white chocolate, you’re bound to find a delicious treat you’ll love at either of these restaurants. You can’t leave Montreal without trying at least one of them!


3. Attend a McGill Hockey GameBefore your time at McGill is up, it is imperative that you attend at least one McGill hockey game. Even if you’re not a huge fan of hockey, supporting your school at a match is a unique experience. Attending a school sports game increases your school spirit like nothing else. Both our men and women’s ice hockey teams are worth seeing in action, so make sure to attend one of the games before you leave! In addition, if you’re not from Canada, it’s worth seeing a match to understand why everyone here loves it so much.

4. Explore Redpath MuseumAlthough Redpath Museum is located right on campus, most McGill students have not actually ventured into the museum. Fun fact: there’s an entrance to the museum in the underground tunnel between McLennan and Leacock, so you don’t even need to walk around in the cold! If you have some spare time between classes one day, making the trip to visit the museum’s fascinating collection of natural history pieces will certainly be worth your time. The admission is free, but the enrichment you’ll find while browsing the exhibits is priceless.

5. See the View from Mount RoyalLocated conveniently near campus, Mount Royal boasts a view of the city that is breathtaking in every season. Even in sub-zero temperatures, it is absolutely worth the hike up the hill to the Mount Royal observatory to see the cityscape under the snow. The view is incredible and is truly something that you won’t find anywhere else. Pictures can’t quite capture the beauty of a snow-covered Montreal, so be sure to make the trip and see for yourself!


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After spending a wonderful fall 2015 term in Paris, France, Regina is in her final semester at McGill University, studying Economics and French. She loves reading and writing in her spare time, travelling to foreign places, and baking anything she has the ingredients for. She also occasionally plays the oboe. Some of Regina's favourites include the colour blue, the season of fall, and the movie You've Got Mail. You can follow her on Instagram under the handle @reginawung.