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5 Tips for Gorgeous and Glowing Skin, All Winter Long

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

1)   Moisturize

There is nothing worse than peeling chapped skin in the winter, so do you a favor and invest in a thick and creamy facial lotion. For those of you with oily skin, do not be afraid to slap on that extra layer of cream because as much as you think you’re helping your skin from looking greasy, the truth is that your oily skin is trying to overcompensate for dryness and just needs a little help. A DIY version can be made from milk and yogurt or even just coconut oil.

2)   DIY facemasks

Purchasing a good facemask can be expensive, time consuming and very iffy. Instead, try creating your own facemasks at home using organic ingredients such as avocado, strawberries, honey and oats and so many more.


3)   Exfoliate, but not too much!

Because the harsh winter air does dry out our skin quite a bit, it is important not to over-dry the skin. That being said, you should keep your exfoliation to about once a week to make sure you don’t strip your skin of its vital oils and damage it. You can even make your own srubs using organic and healthy ingredients. Remeber not to forget about exfoliating your lips, neck, back and chest! 


4)   Hydrate and eat well

Healthy skin starts from inside, so you should be consuming about two litres of water each day. This doesn’t just have to be done by guzzling gallons of water, but can be achieved through a healthy diet of foods that are nutritious and replenishing. So next time you’re in the grocery isle, skip the chips and grab some baby carrots because they’re filled with lots of nutrients, vitamins and water!

5)   Exercise

The cold winter months surely have us feeling lazy, tired and not in the mood, but the best cure for the winter blues is a killer workout. Hit the gym, attend a few hot yoga classes, or walk to class because your skin will thank you. Sweating unclogs your pores, clears your skin and will get you in shape for the summer.  


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