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5 Steps to Enjoying a Cozy Weekend Getaway

Our much-anticipated reading break is finally here and I am currently writing away in the company of some good friends, in front of a crackling fireplace beside a beautiful view of the frozen Tremblant Lake. Those of you who were lucky enough to have planned ahead during the hectic midterm season are probably joining me in some remote location, as far away as possible from campus and the library. But those of you who missed out, don’t be discouraged; planning getaways are not only limited to reading breaks. Any free weekend in a given month can be transitioned into a special, relaxing holiday.  All you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps!

1) Do some quick research

 Surprisingly enough, the Internet doesn’t just exist for Facebook and reading cool articles from Her Campus McGill, it’s actually there to be used at such times of need. With a variety of sites like Groupon offering affordable, as well as good quality deals on getaways, you only need to decide on where and what kind of activities you would like to do. With a sufficient amount of details laid out by the site, simply call to confirm and make a reservation.



2) Plan your transport ahead of time

As important as making a reservation at the hotel is deciding on how to get there. Often a combination of metro and bus will be your main transportation (and sometimes shuttle buses) so buy your bus tickets and know your route beforehand. There are always little glitches along the way and they are best avoided with good preparation.


3) Rest on your arrival day

Being young and all, we students are expected to be super active and energetic. I don’t know how accurate this notion is to everyone, else but my friends and I sadly seem to go against it. Exhausted from the midterms from the night before and the early travelling, we needed the day to refrain from any kind of physical activity and resorted to take-outs and enjoying the snowy view from the warm interiors of our hotel room.  

4) Enjoy the indoor activities available

Skiing is not the only option available in the Tremblant area. Treat yourselves to good food, services, and treatments! Sometimes the Groupon deals even come with other discounts at the spa or restaurants so keep a look out for those. For us, the relaxation from spending the day at the spa and the pool physically prepared us to properly enjoy the more outdoor activities of our next day.

5) Explore around and interact

It might seem cumbersome to face the cold and adventure out to this new location but it’s never a fun holiday without some crazy night outs with your best friends. Whether you choose to follow these steps or not, we are all deserving of some kind of a break from our repetitive cycle of school and work!


Image obtained from: http://www.tremblantalouer.ca/wp-content/gallery/rocher-soleil-42/mtn-wi…

Some photos are the author’s own. 

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