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“Keeping Up With The Seniors” Featuring Veronica Jones

Mary Baldwin University is filled with bright and powerful women that decorate our very hills. Seniors will soon be departing these same tiring, aching and very steep hills. In this segment, we are hoping to showcase the seniors who will soon be off to make their own dreams happen.  Meet Veronica Jones, a senior awaiting the end of her time at Mary Baldwin:

AE: I think everyone’s move-in day was pretty different. Do you remember the excitement of coming to Mary Baldwin? How did it feel?

VJ: Yes, I remember move in day like it was yesterday! I remember I was so excited yet so nervous to leave home. I wasn’t even allowed to sleep over my friends houses in high school so it was LITERALLY my first time away  from home. Although it was slightly nerve wrecking, it was a great decision and I’m glad I developed a sense of identity and have been able to openly and freely express myself.

AE: What is your favorite meal from Hunt (if you have one)?

VJ: My favorite meal from Hunt would have to be their white chicken chili with white rice!

AE: Where is your favorite zen place?

VJ: My favorite ‘zen’ place would have to be my bed! I do not meditate so my meditation involves me sleeping in my room.

AE: There may not be much in Staunton but there are definitely favorites. What’s yours?

VJ: My favorite scene in Staunton is the bridge downtown. It’s a black bridge that oversees the entire city and is very beautiful.

AE: What is your best moment at Mary Baldwin?

VJ: My best moment of Mary Baldwin would have to be my first day of classes of my senior year. It was so surreal to know that I made it to my senior year and that all of my hard work will soon be paid off!

AE: When was your breaking point at Mary Baldwin? How did you overcome it?

VJ: I had a breaking point during my freshmen year. I was involved in an altercation with a friend I had recently met and it made me really want to leave the school. I called my parents and told them the situation and they drove here to help me pack my bags. I then had a meeting with Student Life and they convinced me to stay at the school because of one situation and to remain optimistic. I decided to listen and I’m glad I didn’t leave the school.

AE: Had any memorable party moments? 

VJ: This year, two of my close friends decided to have a pajama themed party in their room. It was a lot of fun being with my friends all night, playing games and singing karaoke.

AE: If you could go into any career field and not be paid for it, which would it be?

VJ: If I could choose any career for fun it would be a food critic. I love food. How awesome would it be to just sit around and eat all day?

AE: Which BPB event is your favorite?

VJ: My favorite BPB event is downtown movie madness. Once a month BPB gives residential students a chance to see a free movie at the local movie theatre with the option of either a free drink or popcorn.

AE: How are you feeling about graduation?

VJ: I am incredibly excited for graduation!! I am so ready to see what the next chapter of my life holds.

AE: Shout out to a person who made these last 4 years easier?

VJ: Shout out to my freshmen year roommate, Tatiana Bryant! We lived together for two years and she is a great friend. I’m so glad she has been by my side during my entire college career.

AE: Shout out to a professor that inspired you or helped in any way? 

VJ: Shout out to Dr Dorries! He is my academic advisor and has been a strong helping hand throughout every year. He has always tried to help me succeed by offering me different leadership opportunities and for that, I will always be grateful.

AE: How are you feeling about the direction MBU has taken?

VJ: I am very proud of MBU! I am so excited that MBU is evolving to open up to a more variety of students. I’m glad to see how MBU will look in 5 years.

AE: Any advice for the upcoming freshman?

VJ: Although you’re going to be excited about living on your own, you have to remember that you are here to get an education. School work will always be the priority. Don’t get distracted.

AE: How about the juniors who are soon to be filling our shoes?

VJ: If you have to write a thesis, make sure to work on it ahead of time. Do not wait until the last minute to work on your thesis! Space it out so you won’t be so stressed.

AE: What are three things you are going to miss at MBU?

VJ: Three things I will miss about MBU will be my amazing friends, my senior year loft in King, and free laundry (lol).

AE: What are four things you’re proud of that you contributed at MBU?

VJ: I have served as the treasurer for MBC Productions, I created my own television show on campus, was a teaching assistant for a beginners film class and served as a senior class senator.

AE: I guess my ending question: which class made an impact?  

VJ: Taking video production my junior year definitely left an impression. I never realized how much I loved making films until I had taken this class. After taking this class, I later became the teachers assistant and started my own show to gain more experience with the camera and editing.

Shout out to Veronica Jones as our Senior Editor! So there you have it folks, the famous Veronica Jones. Stay tuned for more “Keeping Up With the Seniors” every week to learn more about the graduating class of 2017! 

May your days be blessed with Coconut oil. Alexandrea Edwards, an eager Senior studying Marketing and Communications at Mary Baldwin University. Travel and studying abroad enthusiast, "Big...BIG...Foodie", and watching needed clapbacks unfold.
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