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“Keeping Up With The Seniors” Featuring Tiara Bowling

Mary Baldwin University is filled with bright and powerful women that decorate our very hills. Seniors will soon be departing these same tiring, aching and very steep hills. In this segment, we are hoping to showcase the seniors who will soon be off to make their own dreams happen.  Meet Tiara Bowling, a senior awaiting her time at Mary Baldwin:

AE: Do you remember your excitement coming to Mary Baldwin? How did it feel?

TB: I do remember my excitement coming to Mary Baldwin. The architecture itself made me feel like a little princess arriving to her new castle. I was stoked about starting a new chapter of my life and being the first person in my family to experience this opportunity.

AE: That Cheddar and Broccoli is pretty popular among a lot of students. What is your favorite meal from Hunt (if you have one)?

TB: My favorite meal in hunt is the miso bowl with the seared ahi tuna. It’s delicious and it just started being offered this year.

AE: Where is your favorite zen place, to get away?

TB: My favorite zen place on campus, other than my room, is Miller Chapel. The fact that it is a sacred place could be the reason why. Though not strongly religious, I take spiritual wellness very seriously. I value my alone time and in those moments I like to sit, think, pray, and meditate.

AE: Do you have a favorite scene in Staunton?

TB: My favorite scene in Staunton would have to be the park, especially during the holidays. The entire park is filled with festive decorations, themes, lights etc. The park is the main attraction in Staunton and it precedes the reputation it is given. It is well taken care of and the duck pond is so welcoming to ducks that it almost looks as if they belonged to the city of Staunton itself.

AE: What has been your best moment at Mary Baldwin?

TB: My best moment at Mary Baldwin would be the day of my Junior recital. It’s something I fought so hard to see come to pass, and meant I was one step closer to my Senior recital, senior year, and graduation. I’m sure however that my best moment here will be graduation!

AE: When was your breaking point at Mary Baldwin? How did you overcome it?

TB: I have had MANY breaking points at Mary Baldwin. And I honestly think it’s healthy to experience them, acknowledge them and deal with them. It builds my character and toughens me. Learning to deal with the breaking points become easier as I learn to deal with myself. Spending that alone time I mentioned previously grieving, relieving stress, and problem solving, and focusing on the positive helps me function even in chaotic or overwhelming times.

AE: If you could go into any career field and not be paid for it, which would it be?

TB: That’s an easy answer. It would be the career field I am pursuing today. Show business. I could sing dance, and act for the rest of my life. As long as I get recognized for my talents and gifts, get to touch people with my art and am allowed to exercise my other gifts and work on projects.

AE: Memorable BPB Event?

TB: DMM will always be my favorite BPB event.

AE: How are you feeling about graduation?

TB: Stoked! I wish it were here tomorrow. Not today because I’d need time for hair and make-up :)

AE: Shout out to a person who made these last 4 years easier?

TB: I have two: My academic advisor Lise Keiter helped me find my way through some pretty big stumbling blocks and over some pretty tall obstacles. Her positive outlook on life and encouragement became something I looked forward to being exposed to. She was stern when she needed to be, honest, respectful, and super understanding. My second shout out would be to Rev Andrea Cornett Scott. She was like a mom figure away from home and helped me feel more comfortable and secure here at Mary Baldwin.

AE: Shout out to a professor?

TB: Professor Sebolt is my absolute favorite teacher. She was enthusiastic and passionate about her students and her courses. You couldn’t help but to enjoy a class with her.

AE: How are you feeling about the direction MBU has taken?

TB: I’m on the fence about the situation. I prided myself on attending an all Women’s college and would hate to see that taken away from women who did the same, who still have a year or more to complete  academic career here with the male presence so strongly on campus. I worry about the security and safety of the underage and PEG students we have enrolled on campus as well. On the other hand, Mary Baldwin is improving it resources and becoming more socially aware.

AE: Advice for the upcoming freshman?

TB: My advice for the upcoming freshmen would be to make the best your time here at Mary Baldwin from the very jump. Get involved, exercise your talents, discover new things about yourself, and try to find the hidden gems here at Mary Baldwin and in Staunton.

AE: Advice for the upcoming seniors?

TB: My advice for the upcoming seniors is make the best of your last year, get involved with as much as possible and keep your eyes on the finish line!

AE: What are three things you are going to miss at MBU?

TB: Free Laundry, the strong community built, and my close friends and sisters.

AE: Four things you’re proud of that you contributed at MBU? 

TB: Directing the acapella singing group Baldwin Charm, directing Kuumba Players and performing in inspiring African American productions; all the time, dedication and hardwork I place into Mary Baldwin Theatre productions. Whether it be backstage or as an actor, dancing and being a member for A.S.K and all MBU clubs/organizations that bring awareness to African/African American culture.

AE: Which class left an impression on you?

TB: Every single class. Because I left out knowing more than I did before I went in. I value knowledge and wisdom above many things. 

Great insight, Tiara! We’re rooting for you girl! Another shout out for a Her Campus executive teammate in Social Media. Stay tuned for more “Keeping Up With the Seniors” every week to learn more about the graduating class of 2017! 


May your days be blessed with Coconut oil. Alexandrea Edwards, an eager Senior studying Marketing and Communications at Mary Baldwin University. Travel and studying abroad enthusiast, "Big...BIG...Foodie", and watching needed clapbacks unfold.
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