Campus Celebrity Carlyssa LeBeauf ('18/'17)

Name: Carlyssa LeBeauf

Hometown: Fort Brag, North Carolina

Class: 2018/2017

Major/Minor: Psychology with an emphasis in Personnel Work/Human Resource Management

Campus Involvement: Dance with A.S.K. and Greater Things Dance Ministry, RA, Her Campus staff writer, Math Tutor, BSA, SOULS, First Year Council

Her Campus (HC): Why did you come to Mary Baldwin College?

Carlyssa LeBeauf (CL): Good question. I came to Mary Baldwin College because it gave me the opportunity to advance my career aspirations earlier.

HC: What are you most involved in on campus?

CL: I like Greater Things Dance Ministry the most, I think. I get to not only express myself through my religious beliefs, which are very important to me, but I also get to showcase my talents. I enjoy the group of people that I get to dance with and minster with through dance.

HC: What is your tutoring job like?

CL: It’s inserting and it gives me a chance to open my perspectives and give me a different view on things. It shows me that some people are really good at mathematical things and some are really good at something like English. It’s nice talking to the different customers and seeing what their strengths are.

HC: What do you like about holding leadership positions on campus?

CL: It gives me an opportunity to influence others in a positive way, instill in them the things that I think are good values, and encourage future leadership. I think it’s very important to build the next generation so that you know that there is going to be a strong basis when you leave.

HC: Why did you apply to become an RA?

CL: I applied to be an RA because I really like the help and skills that I was taught by my RAs. I want to be able to do that for other people on campus and show them there is support here. I want to help contribute to the building of a sisterhood on campus

HC: What are your plans after Mary Baldwin College?

CL: I want to go to graduate school or the Marine Corps directly after Mary Baldwin. They’re both future goals, I just don’t know which one is going to come directly after.

HC: What’s your favorite thing to do off-campus?

CL: (Laughs) I don’t really go off campus. I’m usually either focusing on work for one of the clubs I’m in or working on something for a class. I like to stay on campus and remain focused.

HC: What’s a ‘fun fact’ about you?

CL: I participated in a Cotillion at the beginning of the school year and won the first place scholarship award.