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4 Reasons Why Your Valentine Choice, Ain’t No More!

Your Valentine’s Day was most likely filled with roses, candies and a little ~Netflix and chill~. That hottie you were finally waiting for to have the cahooneys to ask you out did and man it went great; right? I mean sure, there are A LOT of people who’d rather be Anti on Valentine’s day; but this is never the case. There is something about giving your extra Kiss to that certain someone, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, some time has gone by, the hype is over and it happens. What was I thinking? 4 Reasons on why you need to cut it. 

  1. You may have OVER-EXAGGERATED on how great they are. 

Not remembering their bad breath, yellow teeth or B.O.? Your girls tried to tell you that maybe they aren’t the best choice…but you wouldn’t listen. Yup, Valentine’s day can do that to ya. It’s almost as if you swiped right for a left-er, am I right? It happens, we’re caught up on what we claim to be a romantic day and we just go with the flow- but that stream is going the other direction. 

2. Still exploring your options? 

If after a week, you’re still wondering if that date was worth it… unfortunately your conscious is right (you secretly knew, huh?). Or maybe you were secretly using the time to procrastinate against that exam you had the next day- hey girl… we get it. We don’t judge in this line of work!

3. Don’t remember that first kiss? 

The first kiss wasn’t memorable? Definitely time to go! The one thing that any kiss needs is chemistry and that spark is super important… it’s scientifically proven! If you can’t even remember the one moment where you’re going to be swapping spit with the other– it’s time to go. 

4. You’re over it already; time to keep it movin!

By the time you’re reading this article, you should know where your loyalty lies. If the sparks aren’t flying, leave the person be and let them continue on! No hard feelings– better to find out then never know at all! Continue dating without the pressure of Valentine’s Day! 

Because let’s face it, you had your fun on Valentine’s day but there’s one every year. 

May your days be blessed with Coconut oil. Alexandrea Edwards, an eager Senior studying Marketing and Communications at Mary Baldwin University. Travel and studying abroad enthusiast, "Big...BIG...Foodie", and watching needed clapbacks unfold.
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