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A Thank You to Shonda Rhimes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marywood chapter.

Well, it is the end of an era.

After several successful seasons, Scandal is coming to an end. But, before it goes, I just want to say thank you to Shonda for 7 of the best seasons on cable television. Scandal was Sonda’s second incredibly successful television series and frankly, one of the best. One thing that was so interesting about Scandal was Shonda’s ability to keep us interested in the lives of every single character on the show. They all had their separate lives and we could not get enough of the drama. 

I will admit, in recent seasons, the Scandal storyline was scattered and became unrealistic but it also kept all of us on edge. It gave Kerry Washington the push she needed for her budding career and has made her a household name. Grey’s Anatomy put Shonda on the map, but Scandal made her a star. The twists and turns on the show kept viewers engaged for seven years and the show will be binged for years to come. Of that, I am sure.

Scandal made Shonda Rhimes a household name. Scandal was also debatably more controversial than Grey’s Anatomy with the image that it showed of the personal lives of politicians. It showed the scandal that exists within politics and often showed situations that were both plausible and possible in modern day politics.

So thank you Shonda, for not only an incredibly successful show but also an incredibly successful second with Scandal. You have showed that despite challenges, being a successful woman in the television industry is possible. You never let anything or anyone else’s opinions stand in your way and that is something that we all could learn from.

Despite Scandal being taken away, you have awarded us yet again with Station 19. Station 19 will take the place of Scandal in TGIT and for that, we are al thankful. With what we have received from Station 19 so far, I think it is sae to say that all Shondaland fans are excited to see where this spinoff will go.