Scream Queens: Chanel's Killer Style #1

If you've been watching Scream Queens, you most likely have developed a style crush on Chanel #1, portrayed by Emma Roberts. Pearls, rhinestones, feathers, lace, and silk flood Chanel's ginormous two-story closet. Chanel never looks less than flawless - every single look is perfectly pretty and polished. I've compiled a list of Chanel's most killer looks from the pilot episode, "Hell Week".

The pastel blue "Jackie O" suit.


The gold accent rhinestones and matching gloves make this chic suit a dream for any classy glamazon. Or if you just want to look like one.

The shockingly stunning feather boa dress. 


This daring look is definitely hard to pull off, but Chanel somehow makes this messy sack of feathers look effortlessly gorgeous.

The Fierce as Hell Cape Dress.


Soft peach and rose hues. A delicate lace cape. This look is HOT.

Can we just call this one "perfection"?


70's meets Barbie meets girl boss. From the houndstooth pencil skirt to the furry pink jacket, this look kills it.

The sexy flapper-inspired nightie.


PSA: a night gown can be worn to dinner. This roaring 20's slip dress, classy wrapped pearls, and slinky gloves combination is just ravishing.

Want to gush over more of Chanel's looks? You can watch Scream Queens every Tuesday at 9/8c on Fox and if you need to catch up, you can watch past episodes for free by clicking here!