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My Top 4 Favorite Reality TV Shows

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marywood chapter.

Everyone loves reality TV whether or not we admit it or not. It is an escape from the real world and all the problems that we are facing. For me, reality tv is something I turn to when I am feeling down about myself and want to feel better. I watch these shows and say to myself ” well at least I am smarter than them”.  Here are some of my personal favorites to watch. If you have not seen them I highly recommend you watch them. 

1. Keeping Up With The Kardashians 

This is probably one of the most well known shows in the world, Everyone has heard of one of the sisters and we shamelessly follow their lives whether it be through their TV show, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. They are known as the family who became famous for doing nothing. But you have to hand it to Kris Jenner who has taken that little TV show and turned her family into a billion dollar brand. This show is hands down my favorite show. Every year I watch the show religiously and anxiously await for the new season to come out ( season 14 where you at??) and every Sunday I am tuned in. I follow all their Instagram, and Twitter to keep updated on their lives, and all their famous drama and pregnancies. 

2. The Challenge 

This is a relatively unknown to a lot of people and I do not know why. It is the funniest show on the planet. The premise of the show is that people from The Real World, Are You The One and countless other reality tv shows come to a foreign countries and they all live in one house and compete in daily challenge to win money. There is also a different format each season so that is what makes it exciting. This past season it was Vendettas meaning it was someone you have beef with or you just cant stand and want revenge on the. Other formats have been battle of the seasons, rivals, exes, fresh meat, free agents etc. For those who are loyal fans and watch constantly then you have the people you love and the people you hate. (Shout out to Nicolina because she and I talk about this show daily). It is an intense and fun show and these people do insane challenges that should not be legal but are. I wish one day I could go on this show but for anyone who has seen this show and knows me, knows I will not last long. 

3. Big Brother 

This shows I think is also a relatively unknown show to most of the country. But if you know the show and you watch it, you have been a loyal fan since season 1 and know all the terms and know the formats and know the comps. The fan base for this show is one of the strongest I know. This show is basically taking 16 strangers and putting them in a house for 3 months with no access to the outside world and no technology and they are competing for half a million dollars. Each week they play a comp for head of household (HOH) and then the HOH nominates 2 players for eviction and then the Power of Veto (POV) comp is played and then comes eviction night. The unique thing about this show is that the cameras are on the contestants 24/7 and their are live feeds which people can subscribe to and watch all day long. It comes on every summer so it is my life for 3 months. 

4. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Series 

Let’s face it, you have to live under a rock to not know what this show is. Even if you do not watch the show you at least know about it or know who the current bachelor or bachelorette is. This show premise is so crazy to me, they take one main guy or girl and give them 26 people to date and then at the end they pick one person to get engaged to. All the die hard fans have a large opinion on who their favorite one is or who should be the next. As someone who does not watch religiously like some of the other shows, I do keep up with it and see who wins. Like for instance can we discuss Arie who decided to pick Becca and then dump her on NATIONAL TV and then pick Lauren. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he is the most hated bachelor to ever be on the show. Of course, people have their favorite couples and mine just happen to be Sean and Catherine, JoJo and Jordan, and  Desiree and Chris. 


Senior, Hospitaltiy Management and Marketing major from Potomac, MD. I love guac, sleeping, and eating.  Twitter: @liasohl   Intagram: @lia.sohl