Meet Shayna Finn '18

Name: Shayna Finn

Major: Clinical Psychology with a minor in Nutrition and Counseling

Graduation Year: 2018

Hometown: Secane, PA

Her Campus (HC): “Hi Shayna, thanks for sitting down with us.”

Shayna Finn (SF): “Thank you so much!”


HC: “So what are you involved in on campus?”

SF: “I am president for Psych Club, Secretary for LYM, Commuter Committee, Psi Chi, Chi Alpha Sigma


HC: “What is it like being part of Love Your Melon?”

SF: “I love it, I joined last year as just a regular member and then last spring I became the secretary. I got involved with it because i wanted to spread a message of hope to kids fighting pediatric cancer. It is such an amazing organization .”


HC: “So this is your first year on the Marywood Commuter Committee, how do you like it and what can we expect to see coming up?”

SF: “I love MCC, I like that it is something that commuters can get involved in, and to be more cohesive with the population on campus and to feel more included. At the end of this month we are going to have commuter appreciation week, so that will have food events, arts and crafts, and socials.”


HC: “What is it like being the Psych Club President?”

SF: “I really like being the president it is a lot of responsibility. We have one big event called Psych Fair which involved local high school students coming to campus to learn about the field of psychology and the different sub topics. It is a fun social club for all majors.”


HC: “ Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

SF: “Hopefully i will be in grad school, i want to get my doctorate in counseling psychology.”


HC: “What is your favorite spot on campus to sit or do homework?”

SF: “One of the computer labs in Mcgowan.”


HC: “Since you are senior, what advice do you have for freshman?”

SF: “To get involved on campus, and go to social events.”

HC: “Why did you choose Marywood?”

SF: “I went to a really big high school and had a graduating class of 820 kids, for the small atmosphere, wanted to get involved a lot. I originally came for volleyball and was on the team for 3 years.”


HC: “What is the coolest place you have ever been?”

SF: “Bermuda, I went for my 16th birthday and it was so much fun.”


HC: “Alright, last question Dunkin or Starbucks?”

SF: “Dunkin.”