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Meet Melanie Castiblanco ‘18

Name: Melanie Castiblanco

Major: Music Therapy    

Graduation Year: May 2018

Hometown: East Stroudsburg, PA



Her Campus (HC): “ Hi Melanie, thank for taking the time out of your day to let me interview you”

Melanie Castiblanco (MC): “You’re Welcome”


HC: “So, What are you involved in on campus?”

MC: “I am the president of the Music Therapy Club, Wind Ensemble, Tutti ambassador


HC: “What is it like being the president of the Music Therapy club?”

MC: “It is really exciting and I have always been a part of the music therapy club since freshman year. It is really exciting being able to coordinate the events that I have been able to take place in. We have a lot of things coming up this year that I think will be great.  


HC: “What events should we be looking forward to for the club?”

MC: “September 21st is Peace Day and we are having a drum circle and a jam session in front of the library, and Mr. Marywood next semester.”


HC: “ Why did you choose Marywood”

MC: “ I really liked the music professors and they made me feel comfortable, and the campus is really pretty when it’s not snowing.”


HC: “For those who don’t know what music therapy is, what do music therapist do?”

MC: “Music therapists use music to facilitate growth in development in non musical areas.”


HC: “What is something people do not know about you?”

MC: “I have the cutest little cat that lives in my apartment named Bean, I am also learning how to speak Korean”.


HC: “ Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

MC: “Not at Marywood, I’m trying to get as far away from PA as possible, hopefully I will be doing music therapy and starting a program somewhere that does not have it already.”


HC: “What is your favorite food?”

MC: “It’s a toss up between sushi and tofu with peanut sauce.”


HC: “Last question, Dunkin or Starbucks?”

MC: “Starbucks, I love coffee”


Senior, Hospitaltiy Management and Marketing major from Potomac, MD. I love guac, sleeping, and eating.  Twitter: @liasohl   Intagram: @lia.sohl 
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