Meet Matt Murphy '18

Name: Matthew Murphy

Major:  English Secondary Education

Hometown: Dunmore, PA

Graduation Year: 2019

Her Campus (HC): “What are you involved in on campus?”

Matthew Murphy (MM): “Sometimes I help people with printing and wifi problems, and if you're lucky, you'll see me behind the Help Desk in the Learning Commons. Other times I can be seen somewhere in the PAC doing some sort of theatre like Improv.”


HC: “What is Improv Beyond for those who do not know what it is?”

MM: “It's a group of students who do improv together. Improv games and what not, it's fun and everyone seems to have a good time participating in games.”


HC: “What is your favorite thing about being in Improv Beyond?”

MM: “There's a lot of things that I love about Improv Beyond. First off, I made so many friends in my first semester of being part of this club. Second, it's just fun to be in an organization in which you always feel supported and can have fun being myself. Finally, have I said it's fun, because it's fun. “


HC: “What is your favorite type of food?”

MM: “Pasta.”


HC: “What is your dream vacation?”

MM: “Like a haunted tour type of vacation. That sounds like it'd be interesting. Or like Ireland or Italy. “


HC: “Since you are a commuter, and live locally, what is your favorite spot in Scranton/ Dunmore?”

MM: “It's not in either Scranton or Dunmore, but it's in Dickson City, BAM. There's just so many books and I get lost in this store for hours. It's honestly my favorite thing to do.”


HC: “Do you feel that commuters are left out because they do not dorm? “

MM: “Sure you miss out if you don't dorm because you're not around as much and FOMO will really set in, but like it's fine.”


HC: “Did you feel this way as a freshman?”

MM: “I did, but I got over it because I realized that I'm saving money by commuting.”


HC: “Dunkin or Starbucks?

MM: “ Dunkin”