Marywood Cutie: Cameron Dean

It’s hard to miss Cam walking around campus when he towers over ever at 6.7’. He’s #30 on the basketball team… Meet Cameron Dean!


Name: Cameron Dean (Cam)

Age: 19

Graduation Year: 2018

Relationship Statue: Single as a Pringle

Hometown: Montrose, PA

Twitter: @icameronn

Instagram: @cameron_dean35



Her Campus (HC): “What’s your major and why?”

Cameron Dean (CD): “History/Political Science because one day I want to go to law school and become a district attorney.”


HC: “What’s your favorite thing to watch on Netflix?”

CD: “Family Guy”


HC: “What’s your favorite thing about Marywood?”

CD: “Living with my bros”


HC: “Favorite musician?”

CD: “J. Cole”


HC: “Top 3 Celeb crushes?”

CD: “Scarlett Johansson, Melanie Iglesias, Amanda Cerny.”


HC: “If you were stuck on an island, you would need?”

CD: “Austin Maylor”


HC: “Describe yourself in three words.”

CD: “tall, blonde, and handsome”


HC: “Favorite song to dance to?”

CD: “Hero by Enrique Iglesias”


HC: “What the three most important qualities for your dream girl to have?”

CD: “Dark hair, a sense of humor, athletic build.”


HC: “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?”

CD: “Hogwarts”


HC: “What’s a hidden talent you have?”

CD: “I can touch my tongue to my nose today.”

HC: “Ideal date?”

CD: “We go to Olive garden, then to see a funny movie, then maybe we do something romantic after like look at the stars or something.”


HC: “Female turnoff?”

CD: “Dirty teeth.”


HC: “Favorite store?”

CD: “Macy’s”


HC: “Why’d you come to Marywood?”

CD: “Ball is life.”