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I’m Rooting for Selena and Justin

A few weeks ago,  Selena and The Weekend called it quits, and since then Selena and the Biebs have been seen doing typical Jelena things, a.k.a. going to church and going on bike riding dates. The internet has had a plethora of reactions to the news of a possible Justin and Selena reunion. Many are questioning if the two will ever actually work or if they will forever be stuck in the toxic relationship of 2013.


My opinion? I am rooting for Selena and Justin. They have given me so much hope. We always use the quote, “If you love something set it free. If it comes back, it was always yours.” And, this is my exact feelings on the reconciliation on Selena and Justin.

So many of us wonder what it would be like if our exes came back to us. Well, Selena is getting that chance and I think we should all support her in her decision. Of course, from the outside Selenna and The Weekend looked perfect together but none of us know what their relationship was actually like or why it ended. We just know that it did and that now she is hanging out with Justin again.

Neither Justin nor Selena have confirmed whether the two are attempted to set aside their differences and work towards a relationship again, but if they are, we want to be the first to know! Let’s go Selena and Justin, prove to all of us that love still exists in 2017!

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