Coming Out of the Woods

I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to attend The Society of Irish Women’s Dinner on Friday, March 17th. I was one of 700 guests who were split into a main room and an overflow room at the Hilton Scranton and Conference Center. Somehow, I ended up in the main room in the second row of tables.

The whole night was full of excitement at seeing the former First Lady, Secretary of State, and Democratic Presidential Nominee speak to this large gathering of women. Before the first lady even began to speak, she had already received countless standing ovations.

She began her speech nostalgically discussing her hometown roots. The Secretary’s grandparents came to Scranton looking for work, she told the crowd.

Then Clinton took the speech to a more serious note. “I have trouble watching the too,” she said. She then told the crowd that it was time to come together. “We cannot let political divides harden into personal divides.” The Secretary highlighted how this past year’s election’s cycle was harsh, filled with anger and name-calling from both parties. She emphasized that we need to come together as a nation during these hard times.

“I’m ready to come out of the woods,” the Secretary said referencing an image captured of her walking in the woods days after the election. The MC for the dinner had previously mentioned the photo before Clinton spoke and throughout her speech she would joke about it.

Even though it began as a laughable matter, Clinton became serious about ‘coming out of the woods’. She is ready to resume her life long work of fighting for women, children, and our nation as a whole.  

Good luck Hillz! I'm rooting for you!