Come To Ireland for Spring Break! It (Sham)Rocks!

Spring Break in Ireland

Everybody loves to travel during spring break but Ireland is probably one of the less conventional locations.

Spring break is often associated with hot tropical locations in which the vacationer can spend endless hours on the hot sands of wherever their heart desires. Here are some locations in Ireland that everybody needs to visit at least once!

This gorgeous park has so much to offer such as clear lakes, rolling green mountains and a huge section devoted to just woodlands. Nestled on the edge of Killarney town it is one of Irelands oldest national parks.

This park also offers many other attractions such as:

Ross Castle

This gorgeous 15th-century castle can be found within the area of the Killarney National Park. It is most known for is its role in the Irish Confederate Wars. This castle was one of the last to surrender to the Roundheads of Oliver Cromwell.

Bike and Boat Tours

Visitors are even given the opportunity to both tours the lakes of Killarney as well as Bike through the Gap of Dunloe. The bike tour, led by Mor Active Tours, takes visitors to see Muckross Abbey, as well as a nice ride through the ancient woodlands.

Irish Whiskey Museum


For those fond of whiskey and over the age of 18 this place is for you!

Located in Dublin, is located near the entrance of Trinity College. The one hour tour takes you through the entire museum and also includes whiskey tastings. The tour guides give the visitors an inside scoop on the history of whiskey in Ireland.

Tom O' Hawks Axe Throwing Galway


Tom O’Hawks is Ireland's biggest axe throwing center. This thrilling experience is led by trained professionals who strive to give the visitors a thrilling, yet safe experience. For those who do not want to spend all days in museums while in Ireland, this location is a great alternative.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum


For those who love history, this museum is a perfect location. This interactive museum which opened in 2016 shows various points of view for so many emigrants. It goes into the various reasons why people left and difficulties that came with it. Before going through the museum visitors are given a souvenir passport. After receiving the passport they are given access to the 20 galleries dedicated to emigrants.

Eile Mental Activity Park


For those who love adventure, this park has a lot to offer! Visitors have the choice of laser tag, paintball, archery, orienteering, and disc golf. The activity park stretches 50 acres which consist of gorgeous forest and amazing views of Galway Bay.

Guinness Storehouse


One of Ireland's staples is Guinness and their storehouse is a must see. Its located in St. James’s Gate Brewery. This area has been Guinness' home since 1759 and is brimming with history (The lease for this land was actually signed for 9,000 years!). This exact building has been standing 1904 and was originally just a standard plant and is now a seven-story museum. Visitors are taught the ins and outs of Guinness as both a brand and its products. Overall the storehouse is a must-see for anybody going to Ireland.

St. Patrick Day 

If you're lucky your spring break overlaps with St. Patrick's day. The parade is infamous so be sure to stop in Dublin in the day to experience it.  Though it can be a very religious holiday there is certainly room for fun. Wear green, be safe and enjoy the experience! 

Adventure is out there so don't get stuck going to a tropical location every spring break when the world has so much more to offer!

Visit Ireland!