Chinese New Year

In China one of the biggest holidays celebrated is Chinese New Year. As someone who is born and adopted in China, I love this holiday. In America our new year begins on January 1st but in China the new year begins in February around the 14-16th.


Chinese New Year is about much more than just eating chinese food and celebrating the fact that a new year has started. There is deep tradition and history behind the whole thing. Here are some facts about holiday that some of you may not know.

  1. It’s the year of the dog this year, but every year it changes

  2. The celebration last 15 days and it ends on the lantern festival

  3. Kids receive red envelopes, that are filled with Yuan (China’s currency)

  4. It is considered good luck to go through the whole house and clean

  5. Kids are off school for the whole 15 days of the celebration

  6. You will see dragon dances all around the city, the dragon is a symbol for good luck

  7. The event is very family oriented, every person from both sides of the family comes to one place

  8. Eating long noodles is the most sacred food to eat, the long noodles symbolize long life.

  9. The festival ends on a full moon

  10. Chinese will decorate their houses with mandarin orange trees during the holiday

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Go out and eat some chinese food to celebrate.