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5 Local Restaurants You Need to Try

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marywood chapter.

1. Cara Mia’s – “Cara’s” as everyone in Dunmore calls it is a sandwich shop 5 minutes from Marywood. The sandwiches are named after streets in Dunmore and frankly, it’s adorable. 

We suggest: “Chicken Cheese Steak Vodka Style”


2. Nina’s Wings – If you have not had Nina’s yet, you need to try it asap. Be careful ordering on a Friday night during Bucks Football season because everyone and their brother is doing the same thing!

We suggest: Mild Wing Bites or a Hot Wing Hoagie


3. The Loading Dock – This is one of the restaurants on the list that could get a little pricey if you are ordering an entree for dinner but they have great sandwiches and wraps that are reasonably priced!

We suggest: Chicken Caesar Wrap


4. Downtown Deli – It’s right in downtown Scranton (as the name suggests) and they easily have one of the best breakfast menus in Scranton. Anything you order is going to be good but I personally like to keep it simple.

We suggest: Two Eggs Over Easy with Home Fries and a Hard Roll


5. Nearra’s Pizzeria – While Nina’s is considered a pizza place as well, we need to include another pizzaria on this list. In my personal opinion, this is the best pizza in Scranton and it is super close to campus!

We suggest: Large Tray (yes a tray not a pie because we are in NEPA) of Plain Pizza