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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marywood chapter.

If you are like me, in any way, then you are obsessed with makeup, hair products, and all things beauty vloggers! I have watched countless youtube videos from countless different channels and have decided on my absolute favorite beauty vloggers. Check out who made the cut below!!

Tati Westbrook

            I discovered Tati this year and completely fell in love with her! She posts videos on youtube 5 times a week, much more than anyone else on this list. Tati has a whole section of her youtube channel devoted to ridiculously priced makeup and beauty products. She has collaborated with most of the people on this list (and they are all the cutest friends!). With her brutal honesty and ability to make her audience laugh, Tati is definitely a youtuber to keep your eye on!


Laura Lee

            ♪“Subscribe to my channel, before *snap snap* you leave *snap snap* subscriiiibeeee.”♪ I personally think Laura is one of the funniest youtubers out there. She loves making her audience laugh and loves to give us dupes! Thank goodness for that because we all know that makeup gets really expensive for a broke college student. Laura will be showing us all her own eye makeup pallete from the exclusive new #lauraleelosangeles makeup company within the upcoming week so make sure to have your eyes peeled!


Manny MUA

            One of the two men on this list, Manny has over 3 million followers on youtube! He has collaborated with Jeffree Star on countless occasions and there is even a Jeffree Star/Manny MUA collaboration for Jeffree Star Cosmetics! I feel as though in the future we will be seeing a makeup line from Manny but for now, he is sticking to collabs with Jeffree. I think we have only just begun to see the influence of Manny MUA and I think we could be expecting big things from him very soon.


Jeffree Star

            A bit controversial, but the self proclaimed “realest b**** on youtube” never disappoints. Jeffree is not afraid to tell it like it is and if he does not like a product, he is not going to lie about it. In my eyes, this is Jeffree’s best quality. He is not afraid to trash a $300 beauty product and praise a $5 beauty product.  Jeffree has built an empire out of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and we are always waiting to see what he will do next! Just take a look at his last few uploads and you will understand what I mean.


Carli Bybel

            The queen of the beauty vlogging world, Carli Bybel is probably the only person on this list that focuses her time on tutorials. She has released two palettes with BH cosmetics that are super affordable and available at ULTA! She keeps up with some of the viral threads on youtube making her channel always interesting and fun! Carli Bybel has a massive following both on youtube and instagram and will continue to make her mark on the beauty world!