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What Your Major Says About You

Your choice of major may say more about you than you think…

Fashion Merchandising

You get tired of explaining your major (“For the last time it is not design, it’s business!). You have a great taste in fashion, and you friends envy your uncanny ability to find the best deals. The Devil Wears Prada is your guilty pleasure and you’re not afraid to let your inner Miranda out if necessary.

Criminal Justice 

You may or may not have chosen this major based on countless episodes of Criminal Minds, Law and Order, or CSI (totally did). Research has consumed your life and you may even like it. You are constantly filling your mind with facts from crimes or theories that gather your interest. Whenever you tell someone that you are a CJ major they exclaim how cool it is, and you proceed to hold your tongue on how many ten-page papers you have to finish by the end of the semester.


Marymount’s nursing program is crazy difficult. Therefore, you are, by default, crazy. Just kidding… kinda. You thrive well under pressure and at least don’t faint at the sight of blood. You care for the welfare of others and are driven to help people in need. Oh, and statistics just may be the bane of your existence.


You are one of the only people that actually get what is going on throughout the world (if that’s even possible). People want to know your opinion on various political topics and you know exactly how to word your argument in debates. You sometimes come off as too strong with your views but you feel that people need to be educated on the events that are plaguing the planet.


Excel Spreadsheet is that friend you secretly want to kill. You have a love/hate relationship with numbers and your textbooks seem to cost more than the classes themselves. You are a go-getter, inventive and like the smell of a crisp dollar bill.


Your less-than-flattering views on Freud and his theories have not changed since you learned about him freshman year. You find yourself diagnosing yourself and friends with various disorders even though your intro to psych professor always warned against it. You always end up helping your friends with their problems and are always there to tell them for the fifth time that, yes, it is all in their mind.


You are best at public speaking, and social situations are your niche. You know how to word practically anything to make it sound better than it actually is. You sly thing, you.  

Information Technology

You are that friend that imposes the importance of computer safety. You get annoyed when “Internet” is not capitalized and your terminology when explaining codebooks, databases, and programming usually leave everyone backing slowly away. You may or may not dream of ,or have actually, created your own computer or program and you will defend it until your dying day.


Everyone tells you that your major is pointless- but you know better. Your relationships with major literary figures are better than most of your real life relationships and you live vicariously through your countless number of books. You are passionate and can be seen as introverted yet you light up when discussing literary references with your fellow English majors.

Interior Design

Whenever you go into any room you find yourself subconsciously arranging or rearranging the details to quizzical looks from your friends. You already have your dream home planned out and your organization skills are envied by many. Color swatches make you happy and you can always tell the difference between lavender and lilac (even if the rest of the world can’t).


This is your passion. You don’t care what anyone thinks. It’s not pointless (at least, not that you’d admit it). You may be stubborn, yet you are passionate about the past and are fascinated by how things have played out in the world. You can be seen as narrow-minded but you like to rely on facts rather than dreams of what could have been.

Fashion Design

You’re the girl on campus whose style is always envied. You spend your time dreaming about the new Michael Kors bag and experimenting with different looks. You have a passion for style and your friends can usually find you in labs preparing for the next project.  You believe sweatpants should never be worn in public and you usually judge those that do. You may have also have a style blog and hope to make it big as a designer one day (obviously).

Philosophy or Religion

You find yourself constantly questioning everything and are an expert at answering open-ended questions. You either have a set opinion everything or you are as open-minded as they come. There is no in between.

Liberal Studies

You’re not completely sure what you want to do with your life… it all sounds so good! You may even be an indecisive person in general. You are open to trying anything and have an adventurous side.


True? False? Give me some thoughts in the comments:) 

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