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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marymount chapter.
There really is an incredible amount of pressure on girls in college these days. We are supposed to have the best grades while holding down a job, a significant other, a social life, and extracurricular activities. The stress from even one of these responsibilities may bring you so close to a meltdown- causing everything else to crumble with it. So here is your daily dose of advice, tips, tricks and clichés that will help you remember that everyone goes through these pressures and insane doubts, and that’s really okay.

1.  You could have already been finished with your workout in the time you debated whether or not you should do it

2.  Perfection doesn’t exist. That includes guys, friends, your grades and your college experience. It is the imperfections that make the best stories, give you room for growth, and help you learn from your mistakes.

3.  Yes, it is incredibly important to wash your make-up off before you go to sleep. This isn’t going to go away.

4.  Never take what you have for granted. There are people in the world that would do anything to have what you take advantage of

5.  It’s okay to have your limitations and say no sometimes. People will respect you more for knowing what you can and cannot do at that moment

6.  Never be ashamed to take selfies, you’re beautiful.

7.  Do not base your worth on what anyone else thinks of you. It’s what you think of yourself that matters.

8.  Trust your gut instinct on relationships or life-changing decisions; it is usually right

9.  Writing down everything that happens, whether in a journal or on the computer will help you to look back on your college years with smiles, laughs and tears.

10.  When you’re in trouble, the people who you least expect will come to your rescue, so try not to burn bridges with old friends. You may truly need each other one day.

11.  It’s okay to eat Nutella and peanut butter out of the jar.

12.  An old-fashioned letter means more than a text ever will. Don’t lose that feeling of writing your heart out on a piece of paper, just letting your thoughts control the pen.

13.  Let yourself cry every now and then. It does not mean you are weak, it means you’re human.

14.  Even when everything is being thrown at you a million miles a minute, find that one thing you can do for yourself- paint your nails, read your favorite book or binge Netflix. You deserve it.

15.  Don’t let your fear of rejection stop you from trying something new. If someone or something knocks you down, remember that you are worth enough to get back up and try again.

16.  If someone is constantly either hot or cold with you, it most likely is their own problem; don’t let it ruin your day because it is almost 100% likely that it doesn’t have anything to do with you.

17.  Believe in yourself. I know, it’s cheesy and more difficult than it sounds but if you say that you are going to fail a test, you definitely will. If you say you can’t make the team, you definitely won’t. A certain amount of confidence is the most important thing that you should have in college. It may not be easy but it can come with time. 

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