Thrive: Monique Casimiro

Name: Monique Casimiro

Year: Junior

Major: Fashion Design

Hometown: Purcellville, VA

Campus Activities: Resident's Assistant, Fashion Club, Marymount Actor's Guild (MAG), and Active Minds

Hobbies: Crochet, drawing, anything art related, really. I love to cook, and I just really like spending time with people. Good conversation and a good meal is always my favorite thing to do.

What is your favorite part of being a student leader?

I love being involved. I love being able to interact with people and be involved in the bigger picture.

Why did you choose Marymount?

Actually, I originally didn't want to come to Marymount! I chose it because it was close to home and my family wanted me nearby. But after my first year I fell in love with the community and felt very at home here. Ever since I have stayed because I really thrive here.

What is your favorite part about Marymount?

I really love the academics. I really love my professors, department, and the people on campus. They are always very interested in what is going on and talking about your life. It is also really diverse.

What is the typical day in the life of Monique?

Get up, occasionally go for a run before classes. Get some studio time in before class. I work a lot in the fashion department. After that here are my RA duties. Then it's just rinse and repeat.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully getting ready to go to grad school. I would like to go to grad school for costume design, but first I would like to have an apprenticeship. So hopefully, grad school.

What is your most memorable Marymount moment?

I think working with MAG in "Another Disney Massacre". It was the first time I actually got to do what I want to do for my career. It was really small and intimate with close friends and a small club. I finally got to do what I wanted and it really solidified everything, I even applied for a costuming internship because of it. I had more joy working with MAG than seeing my stuff go down the runway.

What will be your biggest takeaway from Marymount?

Overcoming challenges. Resilience I fell is something that has been thrown at me. Sometimes things just happen and you have to bounce back. But an increase in my resilience has been a big takeaway from this place.

What is your dream job and how do you plan on getting it?

I plan on being a costumer, doesn't matter whether it's designer or technician. I want to be doing either theater or film while working my way up and meeting new people.

What is your favorite quote?

Be a girl with a mind, a woman with an attitude, and a lady with class.