Robert Hoffman: The Man to Watch

Name: Robert Hoffman

Year: Junior

Major: Fashion merchandising, with a minor in Business Administration. I am trying to focus on Marketing.

[Photo Credit: Robert Hoffman]

What are you involved with at Marymount?

President of Marymount Actor’s Guild (MAG), VP of Fashion Club, and a senior RA. I also love ACE events.

What are some of your hobbies?

You know how some people are into hiking on trails? I am really into trail mix. I also love music and theatre.

What is your favorite part about being a leader on campus?

Inspiring other people to be leaders, and getting people involved with what I am doing.

Why did you choose Marymount?

The fashion program. It’s a really good program, and I found it online.

What is your favorite part of Marymount?

The location. You can metro anywhere you want in the area. I just realized that I just said my favorite part about Marymount was getting away from Marymount. Oops. The campus is also really pretty.

What is a day in the life of Robert like?

Starts saying the lyrics to Rebecca Black’s “Friday”... Just kidding. Sleeping in until promptly 8:13am. Its set to 8:15, but my clock is two minutes fast. I briefly watch Gayle King and two other people on the CBS morning show. Then I go to class at 9:30, and then when classes are over I am usually doing homework or hanging out with friends. I eat at the caf and Bernie’s a lot for dinner. My nights are usually spent at play practice.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  

Hopefully employed. Maybe living in New York and working as a buyer for a fashion company. I’d love to have an internship with Ralph Lauren sometime soon.

Most memorable moment at Marymount?

Just going to the first Marymount Actor’s Guild meeting. I met so many cool people. It makes me sound like a dork, but here I am.

What is going to be your takeaway from Marymount?

Hopefully a diploma. Making a lot of friends, and all the great life experiences, both career and social.

What is your dream job? How do you plan on getting it?

A buyer for Ralph Lauren in NYC. I’m willing to do anything, just kidding, murder is bad... so is arson.

What is the quote or motto you live by?

 This was on my friend Maureen’s whiteboard the other day. It was: “You’re like a glow stick. Sometimes you have to crack to shine.”