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Meet De Lisa Patterson

Name: De Lisa Patterson

Year you graduated Marymount: 2010

Major/ Minor: Graphic Design Minor in Web Design

Organizations/ Club involvement while at Marymount: Portfolio in Motion, BSA & Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Most memorable experience while at Marymount: My most memorable experience at Marymount was being in my Sorority and PIM. Both allowed me to step out of being shy. In my sorority I was able to give back and learn much needed skills for business.

How did Marymount prepare you for your future career? Marymount has taught me to accept challenges and work my way through them.

What are you doing now (and what does a typical day look like for you?) Currently, I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer. I get to create and design as well as come up with concepts for photo-shoots or design projects on a daily bases.

What are some of your most notable or favorite projects that you have worked on? I’ve worked on many project but the project that has been my favorite has been the Beauty Metamorphosis Project which is giving back to women who have experienced hardships.

Tell us more about the Beauty Metamorphosis project. The Beauty Metamorphosis Project is allowing 8 women who have experienced domestic violence, cancer & homelessness, a chance to have a transformation photo-shoot and tell their story in a short documentary. We want to bring awareness to these issues because we want our community to help out and make changes in their community. I think this project is important because we need not only to see the face but, also put a voice behind a real person who has experienced these hardships

What made you want to get involved with the Beauty Metamorphosis project? I came up with the idea of the BMP because I wanted to use my talents in a direct way to give back and bring attention to social issues.

How can the Marymount community get involved with the project? There are several ways for the Marymount community to get involved with the project. They can spread the word, donate funds or their services (hair styling, makeup, clothing/styling), and they can nominate a person in their life who they know has gone through these issues and allow them to have a transformation photo-shoot and tell their story. If they are interested they can do all of the above by first going to http://www.delisacarol.com/mbp/ or emailing delisacarolphotography@gmail.com Subject line: The Beauty Metamorphosis Project

Advice for Marymount Students: Follow your heart, surround yourself with people who are going after what they want, someone who has gotten what they wanted in life, POSITIVE & SUPPORTIVE and someone who you consider your mentor. Don’t be afraid to fail and fall more than once. 

Linda Quinones is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Marymount. She is also a member of the executive board, specializing in recruitment for the Student Ambassador program. The 21 year old is originally from New York City and has dreams of working for Seventeen Magazine and making her mark in the fashion industry. She was raised by a single mother, whose hard work, sacrifice and independence inspires her everyday to be the best she can be. 
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