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Let’s Get Crafty! 4 Ways to Spice up a Basic T-Shirt

Since the current status of the weather is all kinds of ridiculous, the last thing we want to be doing is spending any time outside. For me, Netflix gets old real quick, and who wants to spend ALL their time hitting the books?! No one. What better way to make use of our time than to do something that’s fun and enjoyable while still feeling productive! Below are 4 ways that you can transform a basic t –shirt into something adorable, whimsical, and creative.


1.)  Studded Lattice T-shirt

This one is super simple with hardly any supplies to buy and involves zero sewing! Once the weather warms up, this would look super cute accessorized with a floppy hat and tied over a maxi skirt.

2.)  Strappy Summer Dress

This t-shirt-turned-dress is a little more complex and involves a tiny bit of sewing but would be totally worth making! This could be layered over leggings and boots during the colder months and worn as a dress or beach cover up in the upcoming spring and summer seasons!

3.)  Sparkly Strapless Shirt

I’m getting a very early 2000s, Lizzie McGuire vibe from this strapless shirt made from a basic tee, and I LOVE it! This is totally something I probably would have worn in middle school but for some reason I think it would be super cute on and is also super easy to make.

4.)  DIY Quote Shirt

This one is great because it can be customized to say anything that you want! It would be a great top for lounging, working out, or for a casual day out!

I challenge you to try one of these DIYs and let out your inner crafter! Even if you may think that you’re not creative at all, you may surprise yourself and create something beautiful! 

Abigail is an MU junior majoring in fashion merchandising. She loves being a part of Her Campus and expressing her creativity through her love of writing. Additionally, she writes monthly editorials for College Fashionista, where she is a Style Guru. When she is not writing, you can find her singing, going hardcore preparing her dream wedding on Pinterest, reading Christian romance novels, and watching the most unrealistic reality television. 
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