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How We Survived Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marymount chapter.

We’ve all heard the spring break horror stories: ripping your favorite bathing suit by the pool, getting sand in all the wrong places, losing/cracking your phone while partying with friends, and the cringe-worthy hookups. We were a bit worried but Her Campus had our backs with these incredible items that made our spring break fantastic!

Vera Bradley gave us beautiful bags to tote everything from sunscreen to sunglasses to towels. With all of the room and pockets it offered, we were smooth sailing at any occasion! 

Brappz was there to help us when those pesky straps kept showing under our sundresses and Circle pay gave us a chance to pay our friends back after drinks were on them… all night.

Milani Ultrafine eyeliner came in so many different colors that we were able to match our color to our mood. “I wear the teal when I feel electric!” Hope Davis said. 

Some of our students went on programs abroad over spring break! This hand sanitizer reminded them of the incredible opportunities CEA offers to study abroad while keeping them germ free through travel!

One of our writers, Sarah Hall loved the Tresemme Reverse System collection so much that she bought the bottles thanks to sample packets from Tresemme!

Janae made use of her Vera Bradley ID case when on the town in Miami for spring break! 

With the success from these products, we’re ready to tackle finals and move onto summer where we can continue using the absolute best! HCXO!

Photo Credits to Her Campus Marymount Team