Happy New Year from the Ladies of HCMU!

The start of a new year creates a new sense of purpose, a better sense of who we are as a person and who we want to be in the future. The Marymount chapter of Her Campus wants to thank each and every one of you who have clicked, shared, or felt inspired by what we post on this website. Without all of you, this amazing first year as a chapter would not have been possible. Here is to new beginnings, and ideas; here's to more stories to tell and thousands of more articles to write and most of all, here's to you!

In preparation for the year of 2015, the girls of HCMU decided to write down what we are looking forward to in 2015 and lessons learned from 2014...

Keisha Branch

In 2014...

  1. I learned everyone can’t be a friend to you, but you can be a friend to everyone.

  2. No matter what people do to you, you have to love them and treat them as you would want to be treated.

  3. If you want something done, and done right, you gotta do it yourself.

  4. Don’t hold stuff in, it will eat away at you until you are so angry you will blow up… possibly on yourself.

  5. Don’t avoid confrontation… it can be healthy.

  6. Give yourself a break every now and then. You can’t be perfect all the time.

In 2015…

  1. I am praying that God will give me the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland, Fall 2015! (Speaking of, wish our very own HCMU writer, Lauren Wingo safe travels as she studies in Ireland… AKA, I’M JEALOUS!!!)

  2. I am excited to finish off my final semester as a junior and enter my senior year at MU! Woah, time flies when you’re having “fun” :).

  3. I’m looking forward to a brand new semester with brand new classes! Last semester was a rough one, but I am really pumped for this one!

  4. I’m really looking forward to this summer… I think this past summer was such an amazing one for me, and I hope it will be again.

  5. Should the opportunity present itself, I would love to go on another mission’s trip this summer… perhaps in another country!

  6. Lastly, I am ready to start a new and fresh year with HCMU… I’m hoping we will have a much larger team, and we will continue to please and entertain you all!

Lauren Renee

In 2014…

  1. I have realized that life is not black and white. Every situation has a shade of gray in it, no matter what the circumstance. You can’t be perfect and you will make mistakes, and sometimes you just have to live with it.

  2. I made one of the scariest and most amazing decisions of my life this year to pack everything up and study abroad for a semester in Ireland at the University College Cork this upcoming spring. I realized that it’s something that I need to do to find out who I really am and what I want my life to be.

  3. I went on a journey this year to lose weight and provide a better lifestyle for myself. After weeks of a meal plan I looked different and was more confident in who I was, but I realized that a real change of how you feel needs to come from within. Looking good is great, but there’s the reality that you need to be happy with yourself on the inside before anyone can notice the changes you make on the outside.

  4. I have learned that there are only so many times that you can give someone a second chance… but sometimes there are people that are worth those chances.

  5. I have learned that you need to stand up for yourself, no matter how scary it is. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and honesty.

In 2015…

  1. Ireland will be my life for five months and I couldn’t have a crazier mix of emotions. I hope that this change in my life will help me figure out my goals, my dreams, and what I want to accomplish, all while being in a beautiful country that I will call my temporary home.

  2. I’m excited to try and continue the healthy lifestyle that I have made for myself but it will definitely be a challenge in Ireland! I need to realize that I can still follow a healthy lifestyle outside of my comfort zone. 

  3. I hope that I will realize that I can’t and will never be a perfect person. I will make mistakes and I won’t be able to do it all. I need to make the decision to forgive myself for stupid mistakes I make.

  4. I hope to have a greater relationship with God and a better connection with Him and with myself. It’s so important for me to be spiritually filled and I hope that this new year will help me with those goals.

  5. I am excited to continue writing for Her Campus and writing in general. I am hoping to create a blog for my travels in Ireland and Europe next semester so be looking for that!


Sarah Hall

In 2014…

  1. I learned who my real friends are and who I can trust. You may think you are close to someone, but then the truth comes out when your ideas on situations and outlooks on life don’t line up.

  2. I learned how to feel good about myself. I was able to have a boost in confidence and I learned how to love myself and not compare myself to others.

  3. I learned how to step out of my shell. I’ve always felt sort of insecure and therefore I would keep to myself and fear branching out. I learned how to live a little and use my talents, as Abbey and I sang a duet out Blue Harmony Spring Concert and then our Christmas one as well.

  4. I learned you need time just to take a breath and pamper yourself whether it’s simple like painting your nails or having a spa night with your roommate.

  5. I learned how hard life can be and that a curve ball can be thrown at you any minute.

In 2015…

  1. I hope to learn how to make a closer knit group of good friends as opposed to a big group of mediocre ones.

  2. I hope to be able to travel and learn about different cultures. For instance I will be traveling to Dominican Republic for Alternative Spring Break!

  3. I hope to continue to grow closer to God and keep relying fully on him during the good and the bad in life.

  4. I hope to learn from my mistakes and grow from them.

  5. I hope to be able to have an impact on another's life or on many people’s lives.           


Abigail Kullberg

In 2014...

  1. I finally became adjusted to college life and have tried to immerse myself in the experiences that these years have to offer; finding a balance of being at home and at school that is perfect for me.

  2. I began writing for Her Campus in July and have found that I love writing a lot more than I thought. Whether an article has been read by 3 people, or 300 people, the fact that the words that have come from my heart have touched someone, or brought a smile to their face gives me such joy.

  3. In learning this about myself, I’ve realized that writing is something that I would love to make a career in someday, and combine it with my love for fashion, which brings me to number 4...

  4. I’ve definitely gained a greater sense of my personal style this year. Being a fashion major, and someone who wants to incorporate fashion into their career in the near future, I have taken it upon myself to constantly keep up with various fashion bloggers and other sites to always stay in the know about the latest trends. In putting a little bit of time, effort, and creativity into my style, I get an extra boost of confidence to take on each day.

  5. I have lost friends, but gained even better ones. I learned that sooner or later, people will let their true colors shine through and it is crucial to have loving and supportive friends who will lead us down the right path.

In 2015…

  1. I will strive to not hold grudges and instead accept people as they are. I need to learn that I can’t push others to the curb just because their morals or beliefs don’t go hand in hand with my own.

  2. I will continue to not let jealousy consume me as it often does. I will try to be happy for others and rejoice with those who rejoice.

  3. I’m very excited to continue my love of fashion and writing with my spring semester Style Guru position at College Fashionista!

  4. I hope to have opportunities to sing and perform in musical theatre because it’s something that I love so much and have really missed doing.

  5. I hope to continue to strengthen my relationship with God and to not simply go through the motions, but give my whole self to Him fully and to trust in His plan for me.


Jasmine Smith

In 2014…

  1. I realized who my true friends are and who was worth staying in my life and the ones that were meant to let go.

  2. I had one heck of a roller coaster year among social life, class work and jobs, but through it all I learned a lot of lessons and taken some great advice from friends and family.

  3. I proved to myself that I can take on any challenge as long as I maintained my confidence.

  4. I learned that sometimes life isn’t always going to be fair and sometimes the only way one can grow is if we experience a little heartache.

  5. Accepting things as they are was a biggy for me and I have taken time to myself to realize that sometimes I just need to chill out, calm myself and accept that there are some things that we are just not able to change.

In 2015...

  1. I will take on the challenge of making it through Anatomy 162 with Rimcus and just pray that I can do it.

  2. I hope to have an awesome time with friends and family in this new year that is one year closer to graduation.

  3. I will be more accepting of what I am not able to change in life, because sometimes most things are not meant to be changed.

  4. I hope to find my perfect internship that will get me excited for my life in the Health field.

  5. I hope to learn even more in this next chapter of my life and grow as a person.