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Hansel the Mansel: Hansel Dsouza

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marymount chapter.

Name: Hansel Dsouza

Year: Sophomore

Major: IT, concentrating in Computer Forensics

[Image Credit: Hansel Dsouza, Facebook]

What activities are you involved in on campus?

Peer Mentor, Orientation Leader, I run lights for MAG, and I play the cajon (small box drum) for Campus Ministry. I also work a lot with CMA, I’m a Campus Safety Advocate, and the Treasurer for SGA.

What are your hobbies?

Community service, photography, light, and sound.

What is your favorite part about being a leader on campus?

The fact that I get to meet so many new people, whether they be students, staff members, or faculty. I also like that I get to help make decisions to help people, and getting to show people how awesome Marymount is. Also, getting paid is pretty awesome.

Why did you choose MU?

It had the program I wanted to do, which is Computer Forensics.  I don’t really want to do Computer Forensics now, but I am still going to stick with it. Marymount was a great location, and I really liked that it was a Catholic school. My parents liked that part too.

What is your favorite thing about Marymount?

The fact that it is so small, you get to interact with so many people. I talk with my friends who go to larger schools, and none of them have met their college president. Here you can have a face-to-face conversation with him. There is also always something to do on campus. It is never dull. If it is, the city is only five minutes away.

What is the typical day in the life for you?

I try to wake up by at least by 9, or at least 15 minutes before class. I go to a lot of classes, and do errands in between. There is always something to do. I try to fit in lunch as well. There is always an event on campus that I go to at night, and I do my homework. I typically go to bed at midnight.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

No clue. Hopefully still in the US with a good job.

What had been your most memorable moment at MU so far?

I would say last spring when I got accepted to be an Orientation Leader. It meant that I could stay here over the summer. Getting Peer Mentor was also great, because those jobs meant that I was really settling myself in at Marymount, and that made me really happy. I really wanted those jobs, and getting them was a dream come true.

What has been your biggest take away from your time at Marymount?

I have become a little more extroverted, and I have learned a lot about myself. I am more organized and independent. Being so far away from home, it has made me really independent.

What is your dream job, and how do you think you will get there?

I have no idea, I haven’t even thought about it. I watched a TED talk the other day that talked about Multipotentialites, and it made realize I was on . A multipotentiality is a person who has multiple potentials. It is a person who picks up a hobby or activity, and does it for about two years, and then drops it to begin something new. I jump into things, put my heart and soul into it for three or four years, and then I try something new. Basically, I don’t know what the future holds, but I am pretty excited about it.

What is your motto/favorite quote?

            My motto is good things happen to good people. My favorite quote is “I gaze at the sunset with the woman I love, and think F8 at 1/250.”