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Andrea Lopez ’15

Name: Andrea Lopez

Age: 23

Year: Senior

Major: Health Promotion

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Hobbies: Dancing

Activities: Hostess at an Indian Restaurant

Relationship Status: Happily dating

3 words to describe yourself: Sensitive, humble, and clumsy


What qualities do you look for in a guy? Someone who can hold a conversation, humorous, and a true gentleman

What is your favorite or most embarrassing college memory so far? I was running past Carathurs hall and fell coming up the stairs and scraped my knee in front of people. 

What’s your spirit animal and why? A bird because they fly freely.

Most embarrassing song on your iTunes? “Believe” by Cher

Celebrity Crush: James Franco

Hot or Not?

  • The selfie stick? Hot
  • Facial hair? Hot

This or That?

  • Nikki or Iggy? Nikki
  • Bachata or Salsa? Bachata

If you could have one super power, what would it be? I wish I could teleport!

It’s a Saturday night, where can you be found? At a bar!

What’s your life motto/favorite quote? Do whatever makes you happy.


Hi!  My name's Terri and I'm a senior at Marymount University majoring in Health Promotion with a minor in Public Health. I'm obsessed with traveling, thrifting, tea, and writing.  I am the current campus correspondent for Her Campus Marymount. After graduation I hope to leave my mark on the world in a BIG way!
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