19 Thoughts Girls Have While Watching a Hallmark Movie

1.) Ok, how come every movie title has to be so literal to the season it’s set in? “A Christmas Kiss,” “Harvest Love,” “A Ring by Spring,” … Jeez, next they’ll have something like “A St. Paddy’s Day Kind of Love.” I shouldn’t joke though, that probably already exists.

2.) Ooh! Candace Cameron Bure is starring in this one! She’s always been my idol, so this is bound to be good.

3.) So this Hallmark movie is set in a city. That’s different; usually they’re set in some snowy town on the outskirts of “Fictionville.”

4.) Alright, the scene is set. The main character is a working class, city girl who just went through a bad breakup and is taking on a new job in… hmm… a small, snowy town on the outskirts of Fictionville….

5.) Seriously? What kind of towns still have blacksmiths?!

6.) And a community of people that are actively involved in their church?!

7.) Is that a horse and buggy just rolling down the road in 2016?!

8.) Well would you look at that, the main girl needs to make a trip to the local carpenter. I don’t know why, I’m too busy trying to Google if this town exists.

9.) Man, where do they find these abnormally good looking men for these Hallmark movies?

10.) I would bet my entire life on the assumption that this carpenter is going to ask this girl out in t-minus 12 minutes.

11.) Oh look, he did! A man being chivalrous and pursuing a woman he's interested in. What a novel concept.

12.) No!! Why would she reject him! He’s a good looking, hard working, freaking prince charming, what more could you want?

13.) You just got out of a bad breakup?! Fine. I’ll reach into my T.V. and take him off your hands.

14.) He’s crushed, but I know he’ll wait for her until she's ready.

15.) It looks like after some soul searching, she’s come to her senses. Finally!

16.) I love a happy ending.

17.) What is wrong with me? Why am I crying?

18.) Gosh, these movies are so unrealistic.

19.) Where can I buy a one-way ticket to live in one forever?