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13 Signs You’ve Always Been a Fashionista

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marymount chapter.

Whether you’re a fashion major, like myself, or just a lover of all things style, chances are, you’ve been this way your entire life. Shopping is a serious sport, New York Fashion Week is your favorite week, and Vogue is your holy grail. Some may call it being a diva; I call it being a fashionista! Below are 13 signs that prove that you have always been this way.


1)  Picking out an outfit was your favorite part of the day.

2)  But usually you just ended up wearing everything you loved all at once.

3)  Websites such as Girlsense, Stardoll, and Polyvore were your life.

4)  Your American Girl doll was NEVER an outfit repeater.

5)  Paper dolls were the best use for paper.

6)  A sleepover was never complete without a pajama fashion show.

7)  You dreaded having to wear different clothes for P.E. and/or mess up your hair.

8)  Spirit week was YOUR time to shine.

9)  Any garment you considered boring was always cut, puffy-painted on, and bedazzled to pieces.

10) You always pushed the boundaries when it came to school uniforms.

11) You believed you were the next Vera Wang and carried your sketchbook of designs EVERYWHERE.

12) You never liked to play dirty at recess in fear of getting mud on your new Twinkle Toes.

13) This was your happy place.


Keep on stylin’, you fab fashionista!

Abigail is an MU junior majoring in fashion merchandising. She loves being a part of Her Campus and expressing her creativity through her love of writing. Additionally, she writes monthly editorials for College Fashionista, where she is a Style Guru. When she is not writing, you can find her singing, going hardcore preparing her dream wedding on Pinterest, reading Christian romance novels, and watching the most unrealistic reality television.