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10 Things That Made Up Your Childhood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marymount chapter.

The late 90’s were a time of Backstreet Boys blasting and too many games of Twister. As I get older and realize I’m going to be graduating soon I find myself reflecting on my childhood and all of the wacky things that were a part of it. So here is a little study break pick me up for all of my fellow late 90’s and early 2000’s collegiettes! Take a look at all of this wacky stuff that encompassed our childhood and probably made us the way we are today.

1. Sequins on Sequins 

Sequins were quite the thing when we were younger. I feel like many girls placed their worth in how many sequins they wore. You know you were a 90’s child if you owned one of these babies.

2. Wonder Balls

This was one of my favorite treats as a child and I pretty sure they are illegal today because of choking hazards. 

3. Hit Clips

I’ll never forget having a Hit Clip, but I am very thankful for the invention of the iPod. Hit Clips were the best if you just had a few favorite songs. You could buy them on the little mini discs and pop them into your clip. I would sometimes trade and exchange my Hit Clip songs with friends during recess. 

4. Slap Bracelets

I’m pretty sure these became banned from school at some point. They were supposed to be used as a fashion accessory, but I feel like most girls used them to torture the boys!

5. Chokers

The name of these is just very deceiving, but you know if you were born in the 90’s you definitely had a few.

6. Blowup Furniture 

I’m not sure why this was ever a thing. It wasn’t very comfortable, but it did look cool!

7. Jelly Sandals 

If you sported these cool shoes to the pool, beach, or school you knew you were one hip kid. 


8. Disney Channel Original Movies 

Does this one really need any explaining? From Cheetah Girls to High School Musical, Disney never failed to keep 90’s kids entertained. Sadly, kids today will never understand what we experienced. 

9. Furby 

These little annoying creatures were once the hot birthday and Christmas item. What was once intended to spend all of its time with you, usually ended up living in your closet. 

10. Lizzie McGuire 

Lizzie McGuire was my celebrity role model as a child. I had to watch the show every time it was on or have my mother record it if I was going to miss it. When the movie came out I celebrated like no other.


I hope this article gave you some nostalgia and brought a few smiles to your face! Long live 90’s kids!