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You Know You’re From Out of State When…

1. You don’t get why Marylanders tell you what county their from instead of what town.

2. When you realize that that little hammer isn’t a children’s toy and is in fact something you use to eat crabs.

3. You just simply don’t understand why Marylanders put Old Bay on literally everything.

4. You thought that when people said they were from Bel Air they meant California, only to find out that is some place in Maryland

5. You pretend to know what Senior Week is.

6. Purple Fridays…just like…What?

7. Speaking of the Ravens, you think Joe Flacco is overrated.

8. Wait so lacrosse is like a thing?

9. But when you’re actually graced by a laxers presence

10. When you actually remember the name of a Maryland high school.

11. When Marylanders refuse to pronounce the “T” in Baltimore, and instead refer to it as just “Balmore”

12. When you constantly get made fun of for calling it “pop” instead of “soda.” Oh, that’s just me? Ok. Cool.

Despite all of this, you know there is no better place to be than UMD

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