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Yogi Castle, An Upgrade on Yogi Berry?

Something about the perfect combination of sweet tanginess and its cool and smooth demeanor makes frozen yogurt one of my all time favorite treats. In my one-track fro-yo mind, I cannot possibly see how anyone would disagree. So when I heard Yogi Castle would be opening soon, I of course had to try it out and share with the world how delicious it is!

When I walked in I expected to see nothing more than a rip-off of Yogiberry. Much to my surprise, I found a new haven for yogi-addicts everywhere!

The serve yourself yogurt line featured over 14 flavors of yogurt, including ones like low fat pumpkin and heath toffee, and cake batter and pistachio, along with the more traditional flavors. Obviously I felt the need to sample every flavor, so I put a little dollop of each in my cup. I think I made the everything bagel of frozen yogurt.

Even more of a plus, the restaurant prides itself on serving ‘real’ yogurt. Makes me wonder what is actually in all the other frozen yogurts I have tried.

Next up, the toppings bar!  It literally had everything from gummy bears and grapes to brownies and turtle shaped chocolate-caramel bites. I’m telling you, that toppings bar is dangerous!

When I got to the register, I was pleased to find that it cost only 45 cents per ounce. This is perfect for the college student’s budget. Senior economics major Shannon Whitehead said, “I love Yogi Castle, I just like the atmosphere better.”

Senior English major Jerin Horton agreed that it is cheap, healthy and fun.

The only complaint from my fellow froyo fanatics ? The distance. Located down Baltimore Ave. in Hyattsville, MD, it is a little bit of drive. But, the drive is worth it if you are looking for a special frozen treat!

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