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Wicked Involved: Bostonian Ben Bryer Answers Our Questions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

Name: Ben Bryer

Year: Sophomore

Major: Behavioral and Community Health

Hometown: Boston, MA

Relationship status: Single

What have you been involved in on campus since the beginning of freshman year?

I used to have a radio show on the campus station called Tropical Vibes where I would play edm and House. I led an alternative break trip Las Vegas to learn about the education system there. I am social chair for my fraternity, Kappa Sigma. I just recently got involved in an interfaith group on campus that brings together Jewish, Christian and Muslim students over the semester to foster important conversations on religion and inclusion. I am the Campus Ambassador for the Gift of Life, a marrow registry, where I set up drives around campus and do cheek swabs with students to help find matches for patients battling blood cancer. 

Why did you choose to come to the University of Maryland?

I wanted to get out of my small bubble at home and go to school with a beautiful campus, proximity to a city and a lot of school spirit and found that in College Park. 

What are you involved in off campus?

I like to go to a lot of concerts in D.C and take advantage of the social scenes in our area. 

Everyone seems to know who you are and love you! How did you come to be the most popular guy at UMD?

That’s a pretty bold statement but I will admit I know an unussually high amount of people considering I am coming from out of state. I actually knew a lot of Boston kids coming to school last year so whenever I would go hang out with them, I would meet their friends, then meet their friends etc. I also tried to branch out and get involved in different aspects on campus so I have had the opportunity to become close with “Hillel” kids, people in Greek life, and random people around campus from the radio station/dorm/classes…

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Probably my grandparents who both survived the Holocaust. My grandfather had been in Auschwitz and my grandmother was a hidden child and I can’t fathom the horrors they had to witness in order to survive. 

What is your greatest fear?

Gotta go with canned Tuna. Also becoming blind. 

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I once went cage diving with sharks off the coast of South Africa. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully find a NJG and settle down, have 9 kids and become a big deal. Or be living in my parent’s basement. Either one works.

My name is Meghan Moriarty. I am one of the editor-in-chief's of Her Campus Maryland.