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Why Getting Sexy on Skype Can Be a Bad Idea

So the guy you have a huge crush on texts you, “Hey babe, send me a pic.” As a girl living in the 21st century, we all know what a guy means when he says those daunting words. 9 out of 10 times, he doesn’t want just a simple picture of your adorable smiling face, he wants something a little more, shall we say, revealing.
As a college woman you also know that it most likely isn’t a very good idea to have a nudie of yourself floating around. However, he persistently texts you again, showing you that he is getting impatient waiting for your response by simply sending several question marks.

Now you are faced with two obvious options- send the sexy picture of yourself baring all or simply turn him down; but its not all that simple. Unfortunately, it is in most of our nature to want to be accepted and we sometimes jeopardize our dignity just for a guy to like us, which can lead to big trouble later on. So we ponder it. And alas we come up with a third option- Take to Skype.
I mean why not? It’s just like being face-to-face, just over a web cam. And there is no way for it to come back to bite you like sexting would, right? WRONG!

Ladies, next time you think of lifting your top to your guy on Skype or OoVoo think again and don’t! Ever hear about a little thing called a snap shot? Well on a Mac Book, it only takes the three little keys: Shift + Command + the number “3” all held down at the same time for him to take a picture of you flashing your goods in front of the computer screen.

From that moment on, he has a naughty still-photo of you saved to his computer and it is now his property meaning he can do whatever he wants with it.
It’s simple. If a guy truly likes you, he’ll respect you. That means that if you say no, he won’t get angry and he won’t bug you about it. There should be no need to send inappropriate pictures or have a revealing Skype sesh in order to get a guy.
He’s not worth it.
The humiliation, among the numerous consequences that may come along with having a nude photo of yourself out in the cyber world, does not compare to the accomplishment of giving a guy dirty pictures. Besides, if he really wants to see some naked girls, he should take to a porn site, not to your cell phone or Skype.
The moral of the story is do all your sexual endeavors in person and make sure it’s not being recorded. This way you are in control. Ten years later when you are running for a government position, you won’t have to worry about seeing your naked body blurred out on the 10 o’clock news.   

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