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What Do Your Fall Shoes Say About You?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

November has officially arrived, daylight savings time has ended, and most of us can agree that there is a certain chill in the air. 

It’s no longer acceptable comfortable weather to wear flip-flops, so you pull the best things out of your closet — fall shoes. Your shoe choices say a lot more about yourstyle than you might think, so what do your fall shoes say about you? 

Riding Boots

If you like riding boots, you are a classy chick! Elegance is your middle name and stable blood runs through your veins. You like the comfortable yet polished look that these boots easily give.  Whether you’re hitting a pumpkin patch or taking an autumn stroll, riding boots are your go to! 

Bean Boots

If you love your Bean Boots, you’re an old charm girl. Chances are you’re from the wild Northeast, or at least love the outdoorsy style. You’d trade up school for wooden cabins, chilly mountain hikes and bonfires in a millisecond.  These are your go to boots for your fall themed photo shoots because you know nothing is better than warmth and comfort!

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are made for glamour girls, and glamour girls only. You’re the type of girl that people always turn to. They feed of off your confidence, which you know secretly comes from wearing the sassiest shoes ever. During an extremely stressful day, the sounds of your heels clicking on the sidewalk are the only thing that can soothe you. Who runs the world? Ankle booties.

Combat boots

If you find yourself drawn to combat boots, you’re the fierce kind. You’re totally into that Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” vibe, and not afraid to show it off with your style.  You love that “not trying” look (even though you do) and you make it look good. You attract people with your strong, free spirited confidence and you know it. 


If you love UGGS, you’re a sweet and cozy person. You love anything that adds that extra layer of comfort, whether it’s an oversized fuzzy sweater, joggers, or even just a hot chocolate in your hands. You’re always looking cute and properly dressed for the dreaded cold days!

Fashion and style are the epitomy of Revathi Janaswamy's life. Magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue, and sites like Pintrest and HerCampus are her bible. A freshman journalism major at the University of Maryland, she is so excited to write for UMD's Her Campus chapter. Hobbies include dancing, singing, reading and watching TV/movies.