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UMD vs PSU: 5 Reasons Why Maryland is the Better State College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

The first university that comes to mind when you say “Maryland,” is always UMD. We’re the largest college in the state, and one of the most competitive to get into. After just entering the Big Ten not too long ago, we’re deemed the ‘new kid on the block,’ and may have some competition outside the state. Every Big Ten school believes they’re the best, especially when it comes to school spirit.  The Maryland Terrapins take pride in its southern comfort, good food, and of course sports. But, many can argue that PSU is bigger and better.  Her Campus PSU and Her Campus Maryland have decided to go head-to-head to proclaim just why they’re the best. Here’s 5 reasons why UMD is better than Penn State.

1. Our mascot- “Fear the Turtle” Yeah, the Nittany Lions sound tough, but do they have an adorable turtle emoji? I don’t think so. Testudo has been our mascot for over sixty years. You can find him all over campus- in physical form, running around high-fiving people, and in statue-form, having his nose rubbed by every student during finals week. The myth is that his nose is supposed to bring luck, hence why it’s always so shiny. Students also leave “sacrifices” all around Testudo during exam week for good luck. No! That’s not trash, it’s ‘sentimental’ objects to get us an A+ (or last night’s half empty bottle of Zelko). Not only is Testudo our mascot, but he is also the state’s reptile! They are a protected species in Maryland. 

2. Our game day apparel is AMAZING Not only does our student shop sell the most unique game day options, but our creative students always seem to decorate them in the most crafty way. Whether it’s cutting it, lacing it up, or throwing glitter all over it, we do the most. We also have the best sayings for our shirts, like “UM(a)D Bro?” “Hell in a Shell,” and “Straight Outta College Park.” Who said you can’t be trendy sporting a t-shirt?!

3. We have that campus-feel, but are also close to Baltimore and DC Our campus is definitely not in the middle of no where. It’s in the middle of everything! Even though CP night life is the best, whether you’re going to Bentleys or a frat party, there’s always the city. DC booze-y brunch is to die for, and going out in Fed Hill is an experience in itself! But, no matter how big the going out options may be, you’ll always have plenty of familiar faces surrounding you at the bar- regardless where you end up. 

4. Houses > Dorms Not only is off-campus living super popular at Maryland, but all of our Greek life has houses, even sororities. Luckily, our university provides all on-campus chapters with a huge house, and A CHEF. Everything is extremely close in comparison to campus, so waking up fifteen minutes before your class is acceptable (but maybe not encouraged?). Not only that, but our off-campus living options are beautiful and spacious! Plenty of room for activities!!!!

5. The food It’s no secret that Maryland is known for their crabs, but have you ever had a crab mac-and-cheese hot dog?! It’s God’s gift to Marylanders, for sure. On Fridays, you can find almost every UMD student at Bentley’s grubbing on spinach dip or a crab pretzel, and most of our drinks have a delicious old bay rim. Trust me, it tastes as good as it sounds!

Who do you think does it better? Check out our friends over at PSU, and share this article if you’re team #HCMaryland 

My name is Meghan Moriarty. I am one of the editor-in-chief's of Her Campus Maryland.