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Article by Freelancer Devon Goldstein

As the weather gets colder, more layers of clothing come out. With the fall season coming into full blast, fall fashion trends are on the rise. In past years I have struggled with fall fashion and keeping my outfits cute while still staying warm. However, recently I have found some tips and tricks that help solve any fall fashion problem and keep me dressed for success. 

Fall fashion trends consist of different aspects that can lead to the perfect everyday outfit for the season ahead. I use three tricks  when it comes to dressing appropriately for the colder months while keeping my outfits on trend: finding the basic fashion staples, layering my clothing pieces in a smart way and adding small accessories to upgrade any outfit. 

When it comes to finding the right clothing pieces to consistently wear from season to season, there are specific categories that’ll lead you in the right direction. The categories can be broken down into the upper and lower halves of the body. 

Those in the upper half include: tank tops and t-shirts, long sleeves and button-downs, sweatshirts and hoodies and outerwear/jackets. 

On the other hand, those in the lower half incorporate: joggers and sweatpants, longer length skirts, classic jeans and dressier/professional pants. 

Within these different types of garments there are staples that can be beneficial on a daily basis. Being able to get one to three solid pieces from each of the categories will make getting dressed each day easier and more time efficient. 

Once you find all of the basics needed for a successful wardrobe, putting outfits together will be  much easier. 

The next step in the process is learning how to layer properly and efficiently. This can be something that many struggle with in order to remain within fashion trends. 

On the lower half of the body, layering tends to be less complicated. A simple pair of pants or jeans are always a good go-to when the fall season rolls around. If you are planning on wearing an outfit that is more suited with a skirt or pair of shorts, putting a layer of tights and fuzzy socks with boots is the best way to go. Tights not only keep your legs warmer, they add a whole other layer of fashion to any outfit. 

On the other hand, the upper half can tend to be more complicated when it comes to layering different pieces. Some of the different layering options I have found to be the most efficient include two to three pieces, not always with all of them being visible. Sometimes a clothing layer can be just for warmth, not for the appeal of others to see. 

Some examples of ways to layer upper body pieces are as follows: a cozy sweater with a mock neck long sleeve shirt underneath, a sweatshirt with a puffer jacket on top, a thermal long sleeve top under a hoodie with a flannel over top or a dress with a chunky sweater cropped on top. 

Layering a sports bra or tight tank top over a dress in order to crop a sweater to act as a skirt/shirt outfit has also become very popular recently. It not only creates a fashionable layered look, but it adds a new layer to keep warm in the colder fall months. 

Once your outfit is picked out and set, there are additional steps that can be taken in order to add some spice to the look: accessories. There are many different options when it comes to accessories additions. There are clothing items you can add such as hats, different patterned socks or and fun shoes. 

With clothing accessories comes a variety of options on ways to style them. Wearing a beanie hat or a baseball cap when going out can not only keep your head warm, but adds a new and exciting feature to your fall “fit”. 

Along with that there are other accessories available including purses and necklaces. Whether you wear a simple or statement necklace, jewelry takes a boring outfit and gives it a more professional and classy look. Something as basic as a gold hoop earring adds a new element to an outfit that was missed without it. 

Small shoulder bags and tote bags have been trending in fashion recently and are very practical to hold your items for any occasion. Whether it’s a $3 tote bag from the farmers market or a $150 Marc Jacobs tote, having a bag by your side spices up any simple fashion look. 

With the colder months right around the corner, get a head start on the trends and redo your wardrobe for the times ahead. Getting dressed each morning no longer has to be solely focused on the question: what do I have to wear in order to be warm? Instead you can focus on the question of: how do I put my different clothing pieces together to make a good, fashionable outfit? 

Following these tips and tricks will make answering that question easier each day with more practice. Once you get the hang of it, confirming an outfit is on trend and stylish won’t even cross your mind; you’ll just know it already is.

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