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Three Tips to Help Bring the Holidays to Campus this Year

It’s officially my favorite time of year, the switch has gone on, I am entering the holiday mentality! With the passing of Halloween and the subtle yet persistent turning of seasons, students at the University of Maryland may find themselves beginning to gear up for the holidays, and if you’re like me and want to soak in every second of the holidays, I am here to tell you that your celebration doesn’t have to solely exist at home. 

The winter months can be stressful times for college students as lingering semester grades and labor intensive exams seem to consume calendars. Put that textbook down and take that much-needed break from studying.eep reading to find out about three holiday activities you can do in the coming weeks to help clear your head.


You step into the kitchen and are engulfed with the sweet fragrance of freshly baked cookies wafting from the oven. This sensational holiday activity remains a highly anticipated tradition across homes in America.. But what if I told you that it is possible to relive this nostalgia by creating your own festive treats right here at college. 


Before you begin your baking process, a few simple materials are required. In several locations across campus including the 251 shop, the North Campus Convenience Store, the Union Shop and the South Campus market, a variety of cookie dough is available for purchase. Put a few more of those dining dollars to use and make your delicious selection. Feeling ambitious, I challenge you to make a quick grocery store run and grab some ingredients to whip up a batch from scratch!

In terms of the portion of students at the University of Maryland with access to an oven, well, the baking process should be fairly self-explanatory. Kitchenless dorm life? No problem. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, cookies can be baked in a microwave. Pop your cookies onto a plate and into the microwave on high for at least 30 seconds. Gooey, crunchy, you can have it all! Incorporating some decoration is a perfect way to spice up your freshly baked treat. Get creative with colorful frosting, sprinkles and other delectable decor. Check out the brand-new College Park storefront by grabbing your decoration materials at Trader Joe’s.

City activities

Throughout the winter months, Washington D.C. puts on a series of various holiday events and activities for the public. At just a short drive, bus or train ride, the University of Maryland has an opportune location relative to the city. 

Late to the game on holiday shopping? Georgetown, a historic neighborhood of Washington D.C., is notorious for being a buyer’s paradise. The cobblestone streets are lined with shops perfect for finding that last-minute gift. Plus, from November 16th to January 8th, Georgetown will be taking part in the city-wide holiday lights competition, D.C. Holiday Lights. Take a stroll through picturesque Georgetown, while observing the dashing lights transforming storefront exteriors. 

Looking to channel your holiday spirit through a more interactive excursion? On November 11th, The Washington Harbour transformed its plaza into a magnificent ice rink stretching across its impressive waterfront landscape. Priced at just $10 a person and accommodating to all skill levels, the Harbour Ice Rink is just what you need to embrace the holiday season. Whether you are a pro on the ice or an admitted rookie to this activity, get that winter jacket on, lace those skates up, and glide across the ice.


Day-to-day expenses, while already numerous, are certainly heightened during the holidays. From trips back home, gift giving and indulging on your Black Friday shopping expedition, regardless of which holiday you celebrate, this time of year is notorious for putting a dent in the pocket. 

Decorating is an essential holiday activity but the reality is, that not all decor needs to break the bank. Paper snowflakes, while seemingly simplistic, have the potential to transform a room into a winter wonderland. Cut costs while staying festive and channeling that inner artist I know you have! Grab a few pieces of paper and a pair of scissors, taking your first sheet, fold it diagonally to create a triangle. Repeat this step once more and then fold the triangle into thirds, making the left and right corners overlap. Now it’s time to get creative. Cut snippets out of your paper and watch the unique patterns unfold. Feeling experimental? Mix it up with different colored and textured paper!

When finished, place your snowflakes onto your walls and furniture or attach them along a line of string to make beautiful garlands. Hang these garlands from your ceilings and watch this easy craft produce a beautiful holiday decoration.

There you have it, a few tips to kickstart the holiday season! Bake those cookies, hit the streets of the city and create some festive decor. This winter, let’s bring more of the holiday spirit to campus and let the idling begin!

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