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Things to Do Instead of Trick-or-Treating

The short answer is yes, we have all officially become too old for trick-or-treating. Once we hit the milestone age of 18, we gain the ability to buy lottery tickets and to vote. But now that we are legally adults, trick-or-treating has become something that we’ve outgrown. So how do we, as full-fledged adults, immerse ourselves in the Halloween spirit? Here’s a list of the best ways to still enjoy the spooky season.

1. Baking Spooky Treats

Photo by Sheri Silver on Unsplash

Put on some Halloween mood music (like this playlist filled with classics on Spotify made by Filtr US) and begin your attempt at making a sweet treat to enjoy later. Baking with friends can be a lot of fun and even if it doesn’t look like you intended, it’s nothing that a little –or maybe a lot– of frosting can’t fix. Go hard on the decorations because spooky season only happens once a year (unless you’re Jack Skellington). Also, who says you can’t have a dance party while baking? Just remember to take breaks from your dance party and check the oven so that your masterpiece doesn’t get burned to a crisp.

2. Decorating Your Space

Photo by Javier Molina on Unsplash

It’s a universal fact that decorating dorm rooms is a difficult task. But don’t lose hope, you can still achieve your dreams of the ultimate spooky space. The first place to look for supplies is at Target. Most Targets have a bin with holiday decorations in the $1-$3 price range that doesn’t kill the college student budget. You can also attend campus events that give you the chance to create Halloween themed crafts that can double as decor. When all else fails, we can all channel our inner artist and draw simple things like ghosts or carved pumpkins using a sharpie and some construction paper. After all, any kind of decoration can lift your mood as you begin your daunting assignments. 

3. Pumpkin Patches & Pumpkin Carving

Photo by Vlad Chetan on Pexels

The nearest pumpkin patch is Montpelier Farms which is around a 35-minute drive from campus, which may seem like a long time, but that shouldn’t discourage you. A mini road trip with friends over the weekend is the perfect stress reliever and is guaranteed to create unforgettable memories. If going that distance from campus for a pumpkin sounds like too much work, checking out the vendors at the Downtown College Park Farmers Market may be a better option for you. It’s an easy walk that still lets you get your pumpkin fix. Carving pumpkins or even just drawing on them is sure to create fun decorations that epitomize the fall season…

4. Corn Mazes

Photo by Danique Dohmen on Unsplash

Corn mazes are fun to go to at any age, and what says fall more than an aesthetically pleasing Instagram post in a corn maze? The Maryland Corn Maze is only a 30-minute drive from campus. Besides, going to a corn maze and getting lost is an experience that we should all have at least once in our life.

5. Scary Movie Marathons

Photo by Tom Roberts on Unsplash

Even though trick-or-treating might looked down upon with social disdain at our age, watching scary movies is still on the table. Have a horror movie marathon with friends that leaves everyone on the edge of their seats. If you’re not a fan of scary movies that keep you up at night, there’s no shame in rewatching the classic Halloweentown Disney movies that we all know and love. 

Honestly, it’s known that once you hit puberty the looks of adoration from adults transform into judgemental stares as they begrudgingly hand you candy. And, if you’re still mourning the loss of free candy every year, try to find a child to “chaperone” when they go trick-or-treating and use them as an excuse to get your free candy fix. 

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