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5SOS concert photos
5SOS concert photos
Original photo by Tanvi sivakumar
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

I’ve reached my peak being able to photograph for 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) in August. Hands down. Nothing beats being less than three feet away from one of my favorite bands and taking professional pictures. 

I’ve been a fan since I was ten years old and seen multiple shows of 5SOS. This one was by far my favorite – my version of “The Eras Tour,” if you will. Getting to walk out in front of the barricade and setting up my camera was probably one of the most daunting moments I’ve had to prepare for. It was my first time shooting a show at Madison Square Garden and I can’t believe I had the privilege of doing it for a band I know and love. Beginning to build my concert photography portfolio, I had reached out to their publicist about this opportunity as well as doing a concert review, and was grateful she had accepted.

Words can’t describe the pure adrenaline pumping through me as the intro video was screened and the first notes to “Bad Omens” started playing. The show began with a sense of anticipation and excitement as the iconic guitar riffs filled the arena; fans were transported back to their early days of discovering 5SOS. It was a nod to the band’s roots and the audience reveled in the nostalgia of those early hits.

5SOS has evolved remarkably since their early days and that evolution was evident in every song they played. Tracks like “Easier” and “Babylon” showcased a newfound depth and maturity in their music and proved that they are more than just a pop-punk sensation. Although I have always loved their boyband sound, sonically I have grown to love the new maturity in their music that comes along with getting older.

For a lot of fans, being part of this experience was a full circle moment. Many have followed 5SOS from their early YouTube covers to global fame. Starting out with the early pop punk music from 5 Seconds of Summer, the band grew in popularity for their distinct sound. Over the years they developed into a more mature sound, and after the hiatus the band took their quality shifted towards making music more personal and connecting to each of their lives with their most recent 5SOS5. The nostalgia wasn’t just about the songs; it was about the memories and milestones associated with the band’s music.

I believe this concert was more than just a musical performance. Every show that I’ve attended of theirs sends me back to my favorite early 2010s memories. The show was well-thought out with state-of-the-art lighting coloring the stage in scenes representing various eras. Personally, I enjoyed their use of pyrotechnics and how even though it was unconventional, they had confetti blowing during their second song. Typically I don’t see confetti until a grande finale, but I appreciated the gesture even though it was early in the show.

From the early pop-punk aesthetic to starting a collection of my favorite band tees, the production value demonstrated the band’s commitment to delivering an unforgettable show and highlights their evolution as seasoned entertainers.

I witnessed not just a band, but a group of artists I grew up with. That night was a testament to the power of music to connect generations and create cherished memories. This concert wasn’t just a gig; it was a lifelong dream realized and a memory engraved in me forever.

tanvi sivakumar

Maryland '26

Tanvi is a biology major at the University of Maryland. She is an avid concert-goer and the epitome of the 1D/5SOS to the 1975 pipeline...which should be self-explanatory.