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Kristen Bryant-Urban Outfitters Inspired Overalls Sports Bra Crop Top Lala Girls
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The Her Campus at Maryland Guide to Dress for the Holidays

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

There are countless winter holidays celebrated by University of Maryland students, and many different functions that come with it.

Whether you’re headed to a family dinner, a New Year’s Eve party, a cozy Christmas morning, or a night of Hanukkah – we’ve got you covered. Here’s what UMD students wear during the holiday season, and some more ideas, too!

Kendall Pfeifer, a senior computer science major, said for Christmas she tends to wear “fancy casual” for the holidays.

“A sweater and jeans or like a nice, long sleeved dress and I’ll wear a coat into the house,” Pfeifer said.

As for Christmas morning, she also opts for a more comfy look.

“My mom sometimes buys us matching pajama bottoms,” Pfeifer added.

Ashley Rider, a senior computer science major, said that for New Year’s, she opts for “going-out” clothes.BtLipUB0WRuRD52zPopSr N 2Ct DLSoYVM7FplVUE9DBtXjvNgXxjjIp Pq 5olW xei6xww Z2y18uhdX p8d2f9JExAnu3cR3ZAFM eVKy2e4IRPMOr9YFyrs0R757VJlhYIKh6OSpK5KTZc6gKJBhBIXl04j mDQ1QOgTkQ50qtI1WigjUVh tRjYw

“Usually it’s an outfit I really want to wear because at Christmas break you don’t see anybody for a while,” Rider said.

Whether you’re staying in for a family Christmas or going out for New Year’s Eve, here’s some ideas to stay festive and stylish:

  1. For the family function

Going to a family holiday dinner? Wear a chunky knit sweater, some jeans and ankle boots. Another option isa skirt with knee-height boots. If it’s a nicer gathering, wear a knit dress and pair it with some boots.

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A sweater vest with a button up is always chic and warm for winter formalities. A jumper dress and boot combo will also do the trick. As for jackets, a warm peacoat and scarf will always be a classic, but a leather blazer will make any holiday style look more trendy.

  1. Sweater Parties

If you’re going the ugly sweater route, layer a turtleneck underneath. Pair it with relaxed jeans and some cozy shoes–like the trendy Ultra Mini Uggs.(CQ)  
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  1. Cozy Christmas Morning

For those who spend the holidays at home with family, a matching lounge or pajama set is perfect! This year, cream colored or cable knit sets(CQ) are in.

  1. New Year’s Eve

The final night of the year is always filled with metallics and sparkles. For a New Year’s Eve party, you can never go wrong with gold or silver. If you’re going for a more elegant look, try a glittery black piece. Don’t forget some fleece lined tights to stay warm while you’re out on the town!

Abigail is a sophomore journalism student at the University of Maryland. Outside of writing, Abigail loves fashion, food, coffee and photography.