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The Jazz Jam performance at The Hall CP.
The Jazz Jam performance at The Hall CP.
Photo by Cece Shilling
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The Clarice and The Hall CP Host Final ‘Jazz Jam’ of the Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

Article by Cece Shilling

The Clarice held its final “Jazz Jam” of the semester last week on Wednesday, November 30 at The Hall CP, a local restaurant and event space. Saxophonist and D.C.-local Elijah Balbed performed with The Hall’s house band as well as bassist Mike Boone.  

The free event is held monthly at The Hall and encourages students to give a performance after a set from the house band, said Austin Sposato, artistic planning coordinator of The Clarice.

“I reached out to The Hall [about the event] and the second I started talking about it they were like ‘yes,’” Sposato said. 

Sposato was inspired by his experience attending jams while studying classical music in college and has been wanting to put on an event like this since he came to the university. 

“I’ll definitely continue going to these jams. It’s always great to hear quality live jazz, and to have that opportunity for free is incredible. Balbed and his house band are amazing and getting to play with them and other musicians is a lot of fun,” said guitar player Braden Nowicki, a UMD freshman double majoring in astronomy and computer science.

Balbed believes jam sessions are important to young performers, especially in the jazz community. 

“They’re a historic way for young musicians to get their feet off the ground,” he said. 

Balbed spent time playing in similar jazz jams whenever he got the chance in high school and while studying at Howard University. He applauded The Clarice’s efforts of providing an event for jazz students to be able to play with professionals. 

“I hope it gives the students a platform to work out things they’ve been working on… and to put it into application real-time,” Balbed said. 

Both Balbed and Sposato hope the event gives students an opportunity to hone their skills and find community. 

“Bringing people together is the number one priority. They might meet someone here that they’re on a gig with next week. Like tonight… the bass player Mike is a legend. It’s bringing the music community together that’s already here in College Park,” said Sposato.