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Thanksgiving Day As Told By GIFs


You wake up and your first thought is “FOOD. TODAY IS THE DAY. FOOD.”

And then realize you missed the first half hour of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

But you get to your couch and TV just in time to hear Matt Lauer say that you didn’t miss the Rockettes or your favorite balloon.

Your mom gets freakishly overwhelmed and yells at you to help her in the kitchen.

And then the parade ends and the fight for the remote control begins. FOOTBALL or THE NATIONAL DOG SHOW?? 

Accepting the fact that you have to put on somewhat presentable clothes.

So you try to find the most comfortable, stretchy, presentable leggings you own.

The smell of the food is so intoxicating you can hardly think straight, and your mouth begins to water.

The doorbell rings and your family barrels in.

Let the fight for food begin!


The food baby has made an appearance, everyone. 

As you try to make room for dessert, the questions begin…

“How is school going?” “Have you thought about what you would like to do after college?” “Anybody you’re interested in?” “How’s the love life going?” So, you stuff your face with pumpkin pie to avoid answering the questions.


After dinner everyone gathers around the TV to watch some more football or play a game in the backyard

And the food coma commences.

Only to be interrupted by your cousins fighting…

After many hugs, your family finally leaves.

And you sneak back into the kitchen for round two!

You realize how thankful you are to be home with your family.


And you get into bed, full and happy, and fall into a deep sleep…


Until your mom wakes you up telling you that your family is going Black Friday shopping.