Take It or Leave It: 3 Things Setting the Standard for Your Sophomore Year

There’s almost nothing in the world that can match the adrenaline-filled, emotional wave crashing into you when moving to college for the first time. Luckily, as you head into your sophomore year, most of those anxiety-driven worries are long gone.

Here is a list of a few things every sophomore is either bringing to the table or leaving behind during their second year at college.

1. Must-Bring: Confidence

One of the most important things to carry with you is the fact that you successfully completed your first year of college! You navigated social circles and campus outlets, survived two rounds of intense midterms and finals, while gaining your first milestone-worthy steps towards independence.

Begin your first few weeks of sophomore year self-assured of the insight you acquired last year. Whether it’s knowing where the best place to study or get food is, how to divvy up your Dining Dollars to make them last the semester or even helping a freshman figure out where a certain building is—you’ve got the bold, self-reliance to make it seem like a breeze.

2. Leave-Behind: Overpacking

Practically everyone brings a bit too much to college on their first go around—you pay for this later at the end of the school year! I for one brought a lot of unnecessary clothes I never wore, supplies I never needed and items from the all too-trendy back-to-school shopping lists I never used.

Preparing for sophomore year, I was so hesitant to overpack that I cut last year’s packing list in half by renting instead of buying (mini-fridge, textbooks, etc.), choosing clothes I knew I would wear and leaving some of my miscellaneous items, such as tons of jewelry and the bath caddy I rarely used, behind.

3. Must-Bring: Recyclables

University of Maryland’s campus is very eco-friendly. I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve walked into any building and had to decipher which trash can you needed to use. One of the most helpful things for me to have is my water bottle. Not only does it keep me hydrated throughout the day, but it also helps me decrease the amount of waste I’m producing.

*Honorable Mention: More Calculated Decision-Making

Sophomore year is an important marker as you begin to buckle down within your college career. If you haven’t already, now is the time to work hard to attain a notable GPA and start pushing your career goals to the forefront. Start applying for internships, go to career fairs, join clubs and organizations, become a board member—appearing to be a well-rounded student might’ve gotten you into college but putting it all into practice makes you a viable competitor in the field.