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1975 stage
1975 stage
Original photo by Lia Gorbach
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‘Still… at Their Very Best’: Matty Healy’s Most Iconic Crowd Interactions at The 1975’s Baltimore Show

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

Matty Healy of “The 1975” brought their “Still… at Their Very Best” tour to CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore on Nov. 8. 

During the show, Healy pointed out a fan in the front row displaying a message that asked the singer to swap a joint for a drumstick. The singer quickly obliged, asking drummer George Daniel to toss him a stick.

“This isn’t like PCP, right?” he joked before grabbing a lighter from the piano. 

The 1975’s set lasted a little over two hours and featured 25 of the band’s songs spanning across their five albums. 

“The show was awesome, they played a really good mix of their old and new stuff,” concert attendee Olivia Sevy said. “The coolest part was the set design…everyone in the band interacted with the set.”

matty healy smoking on stage
Original photo by Lia Gorbach

The band has received a lot of attention this year as clips of Healy eating raw meat and touching himself on stage during the first rendition of their recent tour went viral on social media. The band appeared under a fluorescent spotlight again when Taylor Swift showed up at their show in London, then again when Swift and Healy were rumored to be dating. 

This hype likely propelled the band to announce a second leg of their “At Their Very Best” tour, which ended Aug. 16 after 93 shows. The United States leg of “Still… At Their Very Best” is set to run from Sept. 16 until Dec. 2 with a final show in Seattle.

As for his love life, Healy is now rumored to be dating model Gabriette Bechtel, after numerous sightings of the pair kissing and holding hands in public. Perhaps this combination of recent positives have contributed to Healy’s newfound happiness.

Before playing “Me and You Together Song” off of “Notes On a Conditional Form,” Healy said, “I’m happy now, I had a really rough year, but I’m happy now.” The singer led into the ballad joking, “This next song is not the biggest 1975 song, but probably in my top five, and tonight is about me, so.” 

matty healy on stage
Original photo by Lia Gorbach

Though Healy smokes and drinks on stage, he claims to no longer be on drugs. Healy has a history of substance abuse and openly speaks about his battle with heroin. Allegedly, Healy has been off of heroin for “1,400 days, nine hours and 16 minutes,” according to lyrics from the song “Part of The Band” released in July 2022. 

“If you look at photos of Matty when he was on drugs versus now, it’s clear he’s much happier and healthier,” concertgoer Casey Rolfes said. 

Healy did seem to have a good time at the Baltimore show. “What a welcoming crowd! You guys are great, I’m not being sycophantic. I’ve genuinely enjoyed tonight more than I’ve enjoyed any other shows for the past two weeks so thank you so much,” Healy said. 

It’s unclear what is next for the band, though Healy alluded to a potential “indefinite hiatus” at a September show in Sacramento, California. 

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