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Spring Break: The Week Crunch

It’s time. There is no turning back. No running away. No fear. In one short week we will be standing beneath the glorious sun with our feet stepping through the soft sand.

One week until …… SPRING BREAK!

To ensure the best possible SB experience we should all follow some guidelines during this final stretch.


1.      Breakfast isn’t a maybe it’s a must

I know many of us believe forging our breakfast for empty stomachs will somehow help us drop 10 lbs. in 10 days. That’s wrong. The saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is 100 percent correct. Without breakfast we will be left feeling agitated and grumpy (not at all in the high spirits for a fun week away). Instead we should choose healthy options for our morning startup. A fruit smoothie, bowl of oatmeal or yogurt can put us in the right mood to start our day.

2.      Workout those muscles

That hearty morning breakfast is sure to provide us the boost of energy needed for some great exercise. I’m not saying to go insane and begin working out three times a day (although I know that’s what I’ll be doing). Plan each day to fit in a workout whether it’s running on the treadmill or a hardcore abs workout. It is even better find a friend to join on this SB quest; I am sure she will be more than willing to help you stay motivated towards your goal.

3.      Greens and proteins

Lunch and dinner should be dosed with vegetables and chicken. Its important to build up the strength to workout and remain strong. You might be craving that bowl of chipotle but I can promise chipotle isn’t missing you. Enjoy a nice chopped salad instead or grilled stir fry… I promise your body will thank you.

4.      Skip a night out

I know we all have major FOMO when missing out on a night at the bar, but one night sitting in wont kill you. Those extra beers are better in the stomachs of someone else. Soon we will all be in the country where alcohol is best served with a slice of lime. Save those crazy nights out for the land of tequila.

5.      Say no to the cookie dough

Yes, we all love our late night sweets, especially up all night “studying” and craving a cookie cake from your favorite pizza delivery place. Instead swap the cookie for a piece of fruit with some peanut butter or nutella. I swear it will quench your cravings just the same and you won’t be left regretting the bites you took.

6.      Spa it up

Manicures, pedicures, waxing all a must! Sport the trendiest polish on the beach!  Book your appointments in advance and make sure to get yourself together so you can feel perfectly pampered for the big event.

Okay, so this post may be a little intimidating for some but in the end you will thank me. This isn’t about what other people think of how you look; this is about you feeling the absolute best about yourself. Step off that airplane with confidence knowing you worked your ass off to feel amazing this trip. Get ready to take center stage in those pictures everyone will be snapping.

And don’t forget have the BEST TIME!!!!! If you’re in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun or whatever other tropical place, this spring break will be one you and your friends will never forget. 

Hi I'm Taylor Brooke sophomore at the University of Maryland! I'm a communications major and spend most of my free time writing and listening to music. I'm a member of Kappa delta sorority at UMD!
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